Updates To Facebook 2018 (What You Need To Know)

With the passage of time, Facebook is further evolving to a more enhanced platform.

Just when we think we have seen it all, it launches something new.

This is the reason that Facebook is still maintaining the excitement which keeps its users on-board.

A number of businesses have been using Facebook for years and it is helping them grow with its new and advanced features.

We cannot predict what new feature Facebook might launch. This type of surprise can only be given by Facebook alone.

If you are wondering what Facebook might bring this year then stay tuned.

We have a hint of a lot of updates that might be coming this year.

To be honest, seeing such fantastic updates on Facebook, one must wonder, how does Facebook get such ideas.

But anyhow, it’s a matter of perspective. The team of Facebook has its own perspective which has taken Facebook to skies. And it is because of that unique perspective that Facebook still has a long way to go in terms of innovations.

Because it never stops to surprise its users with a plethora of features that it brings to the table. So we can never say that this is it on Facebook.

When we think such things, it comes with some more updates. Sometimes it surprises us with declaring the ownership of WhatsApp and sometimes it amazes us with its new advertising panel’s interface.

One of the reasons that Facebook keeps evolving is because of the different dimensions it is going in. It started as a social network and now it also works as a means of payment transfer. This continuous expanding of its extents has made Facebook a giant platform where all type of social activities can be conducted. And that makes it simply remarkable.

So, today, I am going to talk about some of the updates of Facebook which were shared in late 2017 or we may see them in 2018. So without further ado, let’s get started:

A More Streamlined Messenger:

Facebook is always looking to expand and improve its networking and that is the reason that it offers one of the best services with its messenger. However, for some time, Facebook’s messenger has been populated with different apps which have made it a bit slow and delayed.

This is happening more in areas where the environment is challenging. For instance, the Facebook messenger is a great and useful tool for the relief workers but due to the environment, they face some issues with connectivity.

Especially after the hurricane Maria which ravaged Puerto Rico in 2017, Facebook sent its team to provide emergency relief. And that’s when they needed the help of messenger.

But due to the issue of connectivity they faced, it came to their attention that they need to enhance their connectivity. This is the reason that the Vice President of Facebook Messenger Mr David Marcus hinted towards more streamlined messenger.

Which means that they will be working in 2018 to make improvements in voice calling and video calling features.

So with this new Facebook update, places where there are poor data signals, the Facebook messenger will work better to make sure you stay connected.

Click to WhatsApp Button in Facebook Ads:

Communicating through advertising needs further communication when the audience tries to communicate back. Usually, people communicate either by messaging back, calling, emailing, signing up etc.

But, there is an area of communicating which has great potential but is left unattended. That area is the communication through WhatsApp. It is true, Facebook ads don’t have any call to action which let people directly communicate with business through WhatsApp.

And this call to action needed much attention.


Because not all businesses have time to answer through Facebook messengers and it will provide advertisers with another social media alternative.

This is a great step and very beneficial for advertisers who prefer WhatsApp, maybe because of its simple interface.

Facebook may not claim that they have plans to open WhatsApp to Facebook Ads but it was announced that they will include an Ad unit which will be linking both platforms.

The WhatsApp button will let the user directly message or call the business through WhatsApp.

It was confirmed by Facebook that they will be starting tests in selected countries like South and North America, Australia, Africa and most of Asia.

They may add Europe at a later point because of the strict data protection laws that exist there.

This new Facebook Update will be really helpful for advertisers and marketers.

Messenger Broadcast:

It is very crucial for businesses to reach more of their clients at once. And that is because it saves time and energy.

Businesses send a single message to a list of their customers and that is called as a broadcasting message.

This feature has been seen in WhatsApp where people can send a single message to a list of people which saves time and energy which would’ve been wasted in sending the message individually to each member.

Now, imagine, what if you were able to send a broadcast message to all of your customers via Facebook messenger?

Well, it sounds amazing and honestly, it will be amazing. Facebook has developed “Messenger Broadcast” internally.

This interface will allow businesses to send mass messages to customers.

Although they are at an early stage at this point, this new Facebook update will change the way business is conducted on Facebook.

To be honest, it will bring a huge change for advertisers and marketers as they would not have to waste their energy on each person individually.

They can just do promotion or new announcements of their businesses through broadcast messages.

Facebook Shares its Principle behind Advertising:

Before this update from Facebook, people were in dark regarding what factors decide the disapproval of their ad.

Because it was a major problem faced by most of the marketers as their ads were taken down and there was no determinant of which ad should be run.

This was making it arduous for marketers to properly run their ad campaigns which was becoming a reason for their loss of marketing.

They used to do everything which they thought would be better for their campaign but in the end, their up and running ads were taken down without any concrete reason.

But now, with the provided advertising principles of Facebook, it will be easy for digital marketers to run their Facebook ad successfully.

The principle focuses on people, data security, control of what people see, policies to ban offensive and discriminatory ads, openness to all big and small businesses alike and finding what is relevant to users and what works in an ever-changing climate of today.

The Vice President of Ad Products Mr Rob Goldman wrote a few days ago which delivered the aforementioned information. He said:

“We review many ads proactively using automated and manual tools, and reactively when people hide, block or mark ads as offensive. When we review an ad, we look at its content, targeting, landing page and the identity of the advertiser. We may not always get it right, but our goal is to prevent and remove content that violates our policies without censoring public discourse.”

This statement from Rob Goldman gives away the criteria of what an Ad should be like if marketers want it to keep running.

Artificial Reality platform of Facebook is being tested:

You must have seen artificial reality videos from iPhone X and wondered if you somehow get your hands on it. Well, you may get it with the new update from Facebook.

The AR Studio Now is tested in the closed beta and now Facebook will be releasing it to the platform in the open beta.

This will allow the creators such as publishers, brands, developers and artists to test the functionalities and contribute towards creating an even more powerful AR tool which will build animated frames, masks and different interactive AR experiences.

This tool is not available for normal users to use as of now but stay tuned for this new Facebook update.

Facebook introduces their Sound Collection:

If you are a content creator, you are going to love this update. After the successful launch of the Facebook Creator app which allows you to create original videos, connect with your community, go live with the personalized broadcasts, Facebook has launched the sound collection.

This tool gives you access to thousands of high-quality sound effects and soundtracks from around the world which will further spice up your videos.

The good news is that these sounds are owned by Facebook and are free to use for anybody. Which means no copyright issues and you can share your videos created by those sound effects on Instagram and Facebook without any issue.

The Feature is currently rolled out, it will be available to all creators soon.

Final Words:

The new Facebook updates are going to be a major contribution towards the expanding of Facebook.

Some of these updates are in process and some have been launched at the end of previous year. Anyways, these updates are going to change the way people interact and socialize on Facebook.

Let’s hope these new Facebook updates do well for everyone!

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