Social Interest Freak – (What is it and why you need it)

Have you ever invested huge amount of money on Facebook ads but didn’t get a response you expected?

Or you took an expensive course and still haven’t made the money you expected on Facebook?

Or you’ve tried so many split testing yet still no results?

You just feel like throwing in the towel because you don’t want to lose any more money

Well, you are not alone, it has happened to most of the marketers.

This happens because you are not selecting your target audience smartly and Facebook’s algorithm is not enough to assist you in that.

And instead of making money, you usually lose it.

But if you really want to know how to make money on Facebook then you need some external help.

This is where the Social Interest Freak comes in.

A software specifically designed to help you precisely target the audience related to the product you are selling.

So what is Social Interest Freak?

What does it do?

Can it help me in my Facebook ads?

Read on and these questions will be answered

Social Interest Freak Review

Well, it is no surprise that a number of digital marketing software and tools have been created.

These tools help marketers in the precise targeting of their Facebook ads and making them go viral.

But, you do not know which tool or software is actually legit and which one is a scam.

And this can be a very big and misleading issue.

But with Social Interest Freak, you can have the surety of its 100 percent legitimacy.

Social Interest Freak is tested by different users and it is really helping them with their micro-niche targeting.

This can be the answer to all your targeting problems.

You simply cannot depend on just Facebook to precisely target your audience, because it does not.

Here’s why Only Facebook’s targeting cannot be relied upon:

When target audience through Facebook, you select their Interests to target them.

But the main issue is that you cannot intersect the interests of your target audience.

By intersecting, I don’t mean intersecting a frog!

I mean you cannot put two interests into one section like “bread and eggs.” You will have to add bread separately and egg separately.

The problem with this targeting is that it selects a very large amount of audience.

It will target separate people who like bread and separate people who like eggs.

So in that way, you will not get the audience which likes both bread and egg.

This General targeting of Facebook can lead to low or no sale if you want the same audience for both products.

This is why you need Social Interest Freak.

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How Does Social Interest Freak Work?

The whole philosophy of Social Interest Freak is about making the Facebook Ad targeting as precise as possible.

It takes your initially inputted interests from your Facebook ad campaign and then it provides you with more specific interests.

Like, if you have a product related to the sports Cricket.

You will enter the word cricket and it will give you more keywords related to cricket.

And from those keywords. you can select the ones which match with your product more accurately.

Another thing that it does is that it provides the intersection of two keywords.

For instance, if you are selling product related to cricket and clothing.

Then once you enter both of these keywords.

The Social Interest Freak will give you the keywords which are intersect of these two keywords.

For instance, it can give you keywords like cricket jersey, caps for cricket fans, cricketers kit etc.

The possibilities of finding perfect and precise keywords are endless.

And this is best way to target your audience  andwill definitely help those who know how to make money on Facebook.

Besides all of this, Social media Freak also provides you with a number of different audiences for you to choose.

You can choose the audience based on their income, demographics, behaviors, interests and so on.

It is really simple and provides you with focused buyers of your product.

Basically, Social Interest Freak is doing all the work for you, you just need to make few clicks and that’s it.

This is how it works and that’s how you can make your ads work.

And it’s not just limited to people who are selling stuff.

People who are digital marketers, who do promotions and advertising on behalf of other people.

Or people who know How to make money on Facebook through Ads can definitely benefit from this software.


Features of Social Interest Freak:

The Social Interest Freak is packed with an arsenal of useful features which will make your Facebook targeting a children’s play.

The primary feature of this incredible software is, of course, the enhancement of your targeting, but how you do that is based on four main features given below:


Well if you know How to make money on Facebook through ads then you definitely know how ads work.

You enter interests of people related to your product in order to target your potential buyers.

But as I have already mentioned above, the targeting through interest on Facebook is not enough.

With Social Freak, you can target the interests of people more precisely.

In Facebook, you have to put the interests of your audience separately.

Meaning, that you cannot enter two interests in one tab.

Which means that you have to target two different audiences.

If you want to sell eggs and bread then once you have targeted people who are interested in eggs.

You will have to target people who are interested in bread in hopes that both of these separate audiences will buy both of your products.

This can heavily impact your reach.

As you will be selling two different products to two separate audiences who might on might not be interested in the other product.

But if somehow you can target those people who are interested in both bread and eggs then the odds of selling both products will increase massively.

This is what Social Interest Freak’s Interest feature do.

It will take both of your separate interests from Facebook and will intersect their audiences to get an audience which will be interested in buying both products.





Once you are done with the targeting feature, you can then go to the behaviour tab of the software and there you will find the audience with their different behaviours.

The behaviour of the audience can be of any type.

You can target people based on their online behaviour, like you can target people who are using Facebook from PC or from the mobile or tablet etc.

You can also target people based on their buying behaviour like do they buy online or not, how frequently do they buy etc.

All of this data is legal to use as this data is mined by Facebook itself.

You can do a lot of things with this behaviour feature.

Suppose you sell laptop batteries, then with this feature, you will know who is online from the laptop so that you would target them.

Similarly, you can know who buys online among those laptop users and this way you will have an audience who has a laptop and buy things online.

I mean how amazing is this!

Don’t you want a software as intelligent as this?

If you know How to make money on Facebook through ads then you can definitely make plenty of it with the help of Social Interest Freak.




Another amazing feature!!! On Facebook, you can only use the demographics to some limited extents like gender and age. But with Social Interest Freak, you can penetrate deeper. You can target the audience based on its employer, school, college, occupation, education etc. These amazing demographics will open a new world of targeting for you. You can target the people who go to college to sell your laptop batteries as virtually every student has a laptop.  There is no limit to what you can do with the combination of these features.


Advanced Targets:

Imagine if you just had the idea of how much is the net worth of your audience.

Meaning that if you knew how wealthy your audience is, you would have done so much more, Right?

Well, the good news is that you can now see the net worth of your audience.

And not just that, with the use of advanced target feature, you will also be able to know the net income, life events, income type, home ownership, office types and the list just goes on.

With that much of data, who can say that they cannot target precisely?

Everything that you need to target the type of audience which is ideal for your product is provided with Super Interest Freak.

Now there is literally no excuse for not finding a good audience.

Because you will not just find a good audience but you will find an ideal audience of potential buyers who will be highly interested in your product.

And if you know How to make money on Facebook through ad campaigns then irrespective of the type ads you run, you will make tons of money.

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Some Pros and Cons of Social Media Freak:

The things that make this product a one of its kind and ideal for FB marketers are:


  • Target your Facebook audience with as many levels as you like.
  • Ability to capture your pre-set interests from your Facebook’s Ad Campaign.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are new, there are different user guides and videos to help you out.
  • Flexible and Powerful in terms of finding good audience
  • Incredible focus on your target audience with intersections of interests.


The product itself is flawless. However, it has just one little drawback that is:


  • A little bit difficult for marketers who are new to FB Marketing, but that can be easily covered by the user guides and videos that come with the product.

What’s included with Social Media Freak?

The product comes with different useful tools which can increase your marketing efforts to multiple folds. There are three packages of this product given below:

  • The first one is Light Package which has 1 license for the product and comes with a tool named as “Quick Start Tool.” This tool will help you in keeping tabs on your Facebook marketing efforts and will let you know if you are doing it correctly or not. The light package is currently priced at just $97 instead of its original price of $197.
  • The second package is called as Standard Package. It comes with 3 licenses and 2 useful tools. The first one is the “Quick Start Tool” and the second tool is “FB Data Miner” which is an incredible lead finder on FB. The Standard Package is currently priced at $147 instead of its original price of $297.
  • The third Package is named as Pro Package. It comes with 25 licenses and 3 useful tools. The first two are quick start tool and FB Data Miner, the third tool is actually a guidebook on “Instagram Marketing Secrets” which will open a whole new world of marketing on Instagram for you. The Pro Package is currently priced at $247 instead of its original price of $497.

Besides these things, all the packages include premium customer support and the price of these packages is a one-time fee.

Don’t forget to check if the special bonus is still available! 

Conclusion: Incredible Tool for Precise Facebook Targeting

To be honest, this tool is perfect for everybody whether you are using it for affiliate marketing or for marketing your own products.

The multilevel targeting provided in this software is impeccable. You can reduce the number of target audience

from millions to thousands just by scraping the unnecessary audience with the help of Social Interest Freak.

The vast amount of features that it offers are worth the money you are paying. I strongly recommend you to go ahead and give this beast a try, it will definitely help you boost your sales

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