How To Make Money Using Facebook (It’s So Easy)

How to Make Money Using Facebook

Over the years Facebook has grown immensely, and while a lot of people use it mainly to stay in touch with friends and share photos, many others are utilising its huge nature to make a lot of cash. You know about this right?

There are a number of ways you can make money with Facebook, from creating a fan page to selling posts and then using link-type advertising programs.

Facebook can even be used to sell and advertise your services and products, which on its own is another way to earn money.

You might be wondering.

Why Facebook?

Why not twitter or Instagram?

Don’t other Social Media have the most users?

Here is a simple answer;

Facebook gives you the capability to reach over one billion users and is five times more common than most other social networks.

Tips on How to Start Earning on Facebook

Yes, Facebook gives you access to reach over a billion people, but without the right strategy and process, you might just be like everyone else that posts pictures and don’t even earn a single dime on Facebook.

But, that’s why you are here, isn’t it?

So here are few things you should do to start earning on Facebook in no time

  1. Create an attractive Facebook profile

This is definitely the first thing you should do once you get on Facebook to make money. Nowadays we see people having almost repulsive profiles on Facebook, even people that are on the platform just for fun have better profiles. This wrong! You are definitely not going to be online 24/7, so your profile stands as your representative.

Using your ‘about’ section, cover image, and your profile picture properly allows people know, like and trust you, and inevitably makes them more willing to get to know you and whatever you have to offer.

How do you create an appealing profile? Easy! Select a profile picture that is professional. Let your cover image give people a glimpse of your persona. Completing your ‘about’ section rounds up your personality and makes you look more credible.

  1. Make Your Posts Public

What is your aim on the platform? To be able to communicate with the public, to let them know what you have to offer, isn’t it? Then tell me, why are your posts private and only your friends can see it? You need to change that immediately! Make your posts public. Let me be able to see your posts. Let everybody else see your post.

For instance, if you are into real estates and you post something like “Hi everyone! You may not know this, but I love assisting people in finding their dream houses. Know anyone that may need my assistance? Feel free to message me.” If only people you are friends with can see this, how do you hope to reach a larger audience that would earn you more?

  1. Use Your Facebook Messenger

The Facebook messenger functions the same way your email does, just better. Perhaps you have conversed previously with a prospect and you are hoping to continue the conversation or even start a whole new one, you can easily go through your previous conversations all in one place. Simple, isn’t it?

Or if you have not been able to reach a friend in a long time and you want to talk to them about what you offer, you will want to re-establish that relationship first before you go on and talk about business. Why? You obviously don’t want it to seem like you are only talking to them because of business. You could say something like, “Hi! It has been a while since we spoke last. How have you been?” Then you move on from there

  1. Let your messages be based on previous conversations and what you know about the person you are talking to

Knowing what someone needs before you tell them you have that thing is a great advantage on your side. That is why it is always good to firstly converse with your friends on Facebook before talking about business. Even if you don’t talk about business as soon as they mention what they need, you can always refer back to it any time.

For instance, “Hi Sandra! I remember you saying you were looking for a house and you would love one with a view. Well, I know this awesome lake view property not far away. I think you should come see it with me.” Just like that, you’ve gotten the person’s attention.

  1. Keep the conversation going

Don’t ignore messages. Responding to messages keeps the excitement going. Appreciate their response, and if they need more information like details of your offering, videos, or pictures, provide them with it, and never forget to tell them about the next step they need to take.

Don’t rush them! If you don’t get an instant response, send a message maybe once a week to find out if they want to follow up on the next step. Don’t bombard their inbox with messages. Don’t be a paranoid girlfriend! Be patient. They might be the type that don’t check Facebook every time.

  1. Keep in touch

Never assume because a friend on Facebook got your product once, you have no business posting stuffs again. It’s only a matter of time before they want your product again. Keep in touch with your friends on Facebook. Interact with your friends’ posts and post contents that are of good quality. This balances both your personal and business as too much of either can lead to a flop.

Being personal 80% of the time, and being all business for the remaining 20% can build your relationship with people on Facebook, and the truth is, people only do business with someone they have a good relationship with.

You know that “What is in your mind?” bar? Make use of it! The more you interact with friends’ posts and they interact with yours, the more your posts get to their newsfeed, and that’s what you want right?

You could also create groups inspiring and supporting sales teams. Put yourself out there, you will see yourself smiling to the bank.


Facebook offers you access to interact with millions of people and from there you can grow your friends and invariably grow your income. But one thing you should take note of is; Facebook is only a part of the strategy and not the entire strategy.

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