How To Make Money From Facebook (6 Beginner Friendly Ways)

How to make money from Facebook 

Millions of people use the social media platform Facebook, every day and you likely have an account as well. It even has a handy app for your smart devices that make it easy to indulge in a game or two or search for funny memes at the drop of a hat.

Convenient, easy to use and entertaining, is it any wonder that new Facebook accounts are created every second of every day?

At the heart of it, Facebook is a platform for staying connected with other human beings. I am sure you use Facebook to build and keep relationships with your friends and family.

You might even be using it to promote your business.

But did you know that you can make money from Facebook as well?

Nine out of ten people reading this article will have a shocked look on their face after reading that statement and I too was astonished when I first learned this.

Instead of being a time-waster as so many claim, the social media website can be used constructively to add to your income.

Real people like you and I are using Facebook to earn big every day. With at least 2 billion active users, Facebooks is a goldmine for commercial activity with its vast reach.

Figuring this out, I quickly picked my jaw off the ground and with a little research I found out there are a great many ways I could make money on Facebook instead of procrastinating watching pictures of cute but devilish cats!

And you can too because this article is spilling all the tea on a few of these ways.

Before you jump headfirst into earning the big bucks on Facebook, here are a few tips to ensure your money making venture is as profitable as possible:

  • Ensure that you have created an appealing Facebook profile with a professional profile picture and a completed “About” section.
  • Keep up active conversations by responding to direct message and comments.
  • Consistently post quality content to a regular schedule.
  • Grow your friend and fans lists and build relationships with these valuable people.
  • Participate in groups. You can even make a few of your own.
  • Develop a strategy for making money from Facebook before you begin.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s jump right into six surefire ways you can make money from Facebook

  1. Sell Products On Facebook

Facebook has a” make an offer feature” that can be used to selling products hereby earning those who use it a few extra bucks. All you have to do is insert a link in the link box and add a description. Make the deal irresistible by offering a discount or coupon and gain more traffic to this link by using Facebook ads.

You do not even have to sell products that you physically have in your possession or ownership. You can also act as an affiliate marketer and promote affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing is a mutually beneficial arrangement between a retailer (usually online) and an individual or company called an affiliate. The affiliate promotes the retailers product or service and earns a commission with every successful sale or sign up. The affiliate never possesses the product and does not provide the service being promoted.

Affiliate marketing is a big online business and there are plenty of affiliate programs that you can join and affiliate products that you can promote.

Be sure to choose something that you are passionate about or have used with successful results so that any reviews that you provide an authentic. In this age where everyone is being marketed to 24 hours a day, most people have learned to spot fake or non-genuine reviews. At the slightest hint of fakeness, they click away to the next thing that catches their attention.

2. Become A Brand Ambassador Or Influencer

We live in a very technological age and as such most people have heard the terms social media influencer and brand ambassador. It is a common mistake to believe that the two terms mean the same thing. However, there are many differences between the two and they affect how an individual can make money from Facebook.

First off, an influencer on social media is simply someone who has influence on the thoughts and action of his audience. For example, if this influencer highly endorses a brand of clothing publicly to his audience then he is likely to sway most of them towards that brand. The influencer is not necessarily getting paid for his endorsement but can leverage his influence to have his audience follow through to a brand’s webpage, earning in this way.

Unlike influencers, brand Ambassadors have been hired by companies and brands in a long-term relationship. They have more in-depth knowledge about the brand and can be thought of as spokespeople. The key difference between an influencer and a brand ambassador is that the brand ambassador is under contract and definitely gets paid for his reviews and comments.

3. Promote Other Websites

There are websites that are willing to pay Facebook users to post their links, images and more on their profiles to gain them traffic. They usually pay at a set rate of 1000 visitors who clicked on the link to their website. The appeal of this strategy to make money from Facebook is that almost all the work is done for you. All the content and strategies for promotion are provided. All you have to do is put in front of the right audience.

Again, do not abuse the trust that your audience has placed in you. Ensure that you are providing them with quality content that they want to read and view.

4. Become A Freelance Facebook Marketer

Are you an expert at developing Facebook ads and marketing campaigns?  Can you help other get more likes and new fans? Then you can definitely offer up your services on a freelance basis and make money from Facebook in this manner. Facebook marketing is a service that is in high demand and freelancers specializing in the niche can make a very lucrative income from it as this helps businesses build relationships with new customers and strengthen business profiles. Facebook marketers are getting paid upwards of $40 an hour! To take advantage of this way of making money from Facebook, you need to be able to:

  • Use Facebook analytics to provide useful marketing information to your clients.
  • Develop marketing and content strategies and effectively plan for future campaigns.
  • Create content that is Facebook friendly and persuasively gets the audience to follow through with the client’s call to action.

5. Find Freelance Jobs

Are you skilled in an area that others are willing to pay for like copywriting, graphic design or web development? Platforms like Facebook make it easy to work from the comfort of your home and attain high paying clients. If you are interested in pursuing a freelance career then you can definitely use this platform as clients are actively seeking freelance professional through the resource.

Developing a strategy for attracting clients may include regularly posting content that is relevant to your target audience. Your self-promotion should be done in a way that adds value to your potential clients’ life. You can also boost your posts and use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your page.

6. Earn Through Facebook Groups

To make money from Facebook in this manner, all you have to do is engage with your chosen groups regularly by posting valuable, relevant content and maintaining a ratio of about 25% promotion post. You can use this method to capture leads, direct traffic to your website or promotes affiliate links.

Remember that this should not be a resource used for spamming your fans. Always give value to the members of your groups and you will reap the benefits tenfold.

You can even create your own groups and charge for access to the material inside. Within these groups, you can offer a service like coaching on consultation in a niche that you specialize in and earn money that way as well.


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