InstaBuilder 2.0 Review 2018 A No BS Review of the WordPress Marketing Plugin

If you are an affiliate marketer or internet entrepreneur, I am sure you are familiar with the pain and hassle of creating the best landing pages and sales pages. Ugh…  

Their creation is a necessary evil in affiliate marketing and other online marketing campaigns but not every marketer comes equipment to design and create them.

This is especially true for beginner marketers who do not have a background in coding or website building. It is a huge task just getting up to speed by learning what seems like a foreign language.

Those who cannot afford to or simply do not want to spend this time, shell out lots of cash for pricey software or employ web page designers.

And far too often than not, these methods still yield less than satisfactory results.

Even seasoned affiliate marketers with the expertise in the construction of landing pages and other sales pages are frustrated with the lengthy process and unreliable tools some providers offer at a hefty price tag…

Complicated codes, lots of hours, questionable software…

Is it any wonder so many quit this internet entrepreneurship deal early on in the game?

You are a persistent one though…

You have got the grit and determination it takes to make it at this game. You just need the right tools and strategies to help you along.

Well, I am going to give you the answer that will make your internet business take off!

What if I told you that there is a way to create the best landing pages and sales pages without taking another course or outsourcing to someone else?

One that allows you to create great looking, high converting pages in just minutes without breaking the bank?

The answer is the best, easy-to-use drag and drop software ever for creating stunning landing pages and sales pages.

The name is InstaBuilder 2.0 and this one of a kind tool is giving internet entrepreneurs worldwide the power to virtually build any type of web page almost instantly.

This review will tell you all you need to know without any of the BS. Let’s jump right into it!

What Is InstaBuilder 2.0?

This is an online drag and drop software designed to produce high-quality web pages in as little time as possible.

The user does not have to be an expert in web design to use it because the user interface is designed so that even a complete novice can have a web page designed and published live in minutes.

The easy navigation and tight controls make for a smooth process and an easier workflow.

The web pages that can be built include:

  • Opt-in pages
  • Sales pages (video and text-based)
  • Webinar registration
  • Prelaunch and launched pages
  • Review pages
  • Bonus pages
  • And so much more…

InstaBuilder VS. The Competition

The creators of this innovative tool brag that it is so easy to use that it feels like the user is playing a video game.

And I must say, it really does feel like it!

I have used other software in the same category such as this and the results I have with InstaBuilder 2.0 has made me a lifelong fan.

InstaBuilder 2.0 has set the standard and the other brands do not compare to this software.

InstaBuilder 2.o has the best user interface, several one-click integrations with popular platforms like social media and autoresponders, and a ton of other cool features to produce a professional-looking, superior quality web pages quickly and easily.

The Features

With a huge selection of themes to choose from, every element of the web page is customizable in InstaBuilder 2.0.

Therefore, users can break out of the mold and create pages that are unique to their brands. Set yourself and your brand apart from the loud internet crowd.

No more cookie cutter designs!

Not with customization available for elements such as text, images, videos, buttons, boxes, columns, tabbed content, navigation, date stamps, Facebook comments, script editing, pre-made backgrounds and more.

There are a whole lot of features that make this tool a must have for internet marketers. Let’s go into more detail about them.

Mobile Friendly Designs

InstaBuilder 2.0 has a responsive design engine so every page that you create is mobile ready.

Your pages will look great on every device and will adjust to any screen size. Smartphones, tablets, laptops…

InstaBuilder 2.0 will have your sales funnel doing its job in this age where mobile browsers are being used more than ever.

Text Formatting

Even without a knowledge of HTML or CSS coding, you can have typography control.

Change and configure fonts design, weight and placement, highlighting, drop caps and more.

You can even use the built-in font and typography elements.

Built-in Marketing Graphics

There are a boatload of pre-made graphics to choose from.

They include call to action buttons, header images, icons and page separators to name a few.

Built-in Image Editor

Powered by Adobe’s Aviary SDK, the built-in image editor turns boring images into professional brand-relatable icons effortlessly.

It is easy to give your readers (and potential customers/ buyers) a treat for the eyes instead of the usual block of text they are usually confronted with on far too many web pages.

Social Sharing

Get the word out about the product or service you are marketing and increase your sales.

Automatically integrate four leading social media websites in an easy, one-click process.

2-Step Opt-in and 3-Step Opt-in Technology

Double, triple and quadruple your conversion rate.

Instantly activate both these technologies with just the click of a button.

Any marketer who is serious about gaining results from his campaigns employs these strategies so I know you will too.

Auto-Generated Legal Pages

With InstaBuilder 2.0 you will always be in compliance with the standards of big-name websites like Google and Facebook.

Legal pages such as Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and TOS can be automatically generated and placed at your preference on the web page.

GoToWebinar Integration

GoToWebinar is the world’s leading webinar provider, allowing internet marketers to present sales presentations, long-form content, and more.

InstaBuilder 2.0 offers instant, one-click integration.

Autoresponder Integration

With the huge number of autoresponders to choose from these days, I am sure you have your preference.

Luckily, InstaBuilder 2.0 allows seamless integration with virtually every major autoresponder in existence today.

Start collecting leads on your beautiful, reliable page in mere seconds.

Countdown Timer And Scarcity Builder

Visually stimulate your readers while creating a sense of urgency with a countdown timer.

Another feature that urges your readers to act now is the scarcity builder, which gives your offer an expiry date.

Again, both of these features are fully customizable and will seamlessly blend with the other elements of your brand.

Import And Export Capabilities

Not only do you have the great ability to build amazing pages for yourself and your business, you can make money by building websites for others too.

The easy export and import features allow for stress-free customization and upload to another installation.

Duplicate Templates

Love a page that you built and want to duplicate it?

InstaBuilder 2.0 makes it so that you do not have to start from scratch.

Make a copy with a click of a button with the different elements still available in the visual editor.

SEO Options

A web page cannot convert on good looks alone.

Ensure that your page ranks high in search engine results with the high-level SEO editing and customizations available in InstaBuilder 2.0.

These are only a few of the features available within the InstaBuilder 2.0 package.

It has been completely revamped from the 1.0 version. It gives you more control, more options and certainly more tangible results in the form of more opt-ins and more sales.

How Much Does InstaBuilder 2.0 Cost?

Now, let’s talk price!

With all those must-have features, I bet you are expecting to have to shell out thousands of dollars to get this invaluable tool right? Well with this tool you will create the best landing pages just like that!

And while the value you will receive by purchasing InstaBuilder 2.0 will far exceed that, you will not be spending anywhere near even $1000.

InstaBuilder 2.0 is available in three license packages that range from $77 to $197. This price is so low for the value received, it is practically a steal.

And better yet, this is a one-time payment. No recurring monthly fee!

If that is not value for your money, I do not know what is.

With this one time investment, you can have the lifetime ability to create high quality, high converting best landing pages and sales pages.


My final thoughts are simple and direct.

I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to build a thriving internet business.

If you are ready to take your affiliate marketing business from blah to wow, join the thousands of already successful affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs who have made the right choice and gotten InstaBuilder 2.0.

Get the ability to build landing pages, sales pages and more in just minutes and you will be pulling in the profits in no time at all.

You certainly will not regret your choice.

Click here to get it now 

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