How To Get Facebook Likes

Social media is a whole new world where every business can prosper if the person behind that business does its marketing properly.

We cannot even comprehend the benefits that promoting one’s business on social media can bring for their business.

But, just like real world, the business in the world of social media also needs recognition. And getting the business recognized is the main thing.

There will be a lot of competition in social media and maybe more than in real world depending on the type of business.

Because the majority of people from around the world may not be able to recognize a business in the real world. But, in social media, the world is your audience and with the help of digital marketing, you can target people from around the globe.

This is the reason that competition may increase in the world of social media.

However, you can also compete with similar businesses by doing the proper and effective marketing of your business.

What you need is to get people to constantly hear from you, which can be done by two ways.

Firstly, you can run constant ads on social media platforms which will make people constantly see your brand name. But the major drawback here is that you will have to spend a lot of money on advertising.

The second thing that you can do is to create a Facebook page and get people to like it.

Through this way, people will be hearing from you at regular intervals through your posts. But the challenge that one can face in the second method is to get people to like the page.

And that’s why you should know how to get likes on Facebook.

Because without the proper knowledge of how to get Facebook likes you may not be able to reach a huge chunk of people.

So, today I am going to talk about how to get a lot of likes on Facebook.

But you must remember that the methods that I am going to tell you will only be effective if you work on them constantly. Because most of these methods will be beneficial for your Facebook page in the long run. So without further ado, lets me tell you how to get more likes on Facebook:

Update your Page with complete and current information:

This is the most fundamental and important part to get people to like your page. Nobody likes a Facebook page which has incomplete information.

Update the “About” section, milestones, contact information, small description etc. These things contribute to making people understand what your page is all about.

Secondly, upload an attractive profile picture or if you are a business, upload your logo as the profile picture to make people remember your logo.

Moreover, upload a high-quality cover photo which is relevant to your page and depicts what your page is about.

Invite your Friends and Share your Page:

This is very important for getting the initial likes on your Page. You need your visitors to see that you have a decent amount of likes already.

And the way you can get those initial likes is by asking your friends to like your page. Click on the invite friends’ button to send a notification to the people on your friend’s list about liking your page.

Secondly, you can ask other people who are not your friends to like your page by sharing it. There are a lot of Facebook groups where you can promote your page.

Just make sure to promote your page in groups which are relevant to your niche. You cannot expect people from engineering groups to like your medical related Facebook page.

So share your page and ask people to like it but remember not to spam the groups or you may start to irritate people.

Post regularly:

Posting on your Facebook page is an integral part of getting people to like you. There are two factors which indicate that people like pages which post regularly.

The first one is that a page with posts will make people think that this is an active page and they will get to see posts on a regular basis so it is better if they like it.

Because people who come on your page will only like it if it is filled with posts, nobody likes an empty Facebook page. The second factor is that the people who have already liked your page will interact with your posts.

If you are posting good and engaging content then there is a good chance that people will engage with your posts and may even share it.

And once they engage with your post, their “action” of whether liking your post or commenting on it will be shared in the newsfeed of their friends.

This way, their friends will also be able to see your post and then they will visit your page, and if they find your page interesting, they will definitely like it.

Use Pictures and Hashtags in Posts:

Another major factor which directly contributes to increase in your Page’s liking. Pictures are very effective in attracting people to open the page and see what it is all about.

When you upload a picture with a quote or some engaging content, there is a high chance that people will share that picture.

And once they do, their friends will be able to see that picture and if your pictures are really attractive and engaging, they will also like your page to get the similar content on their walls.

Another way which is very efficient and benefiting in getting your page discovered is the use of hashtags. Because, if your page has good content, complete information and a decent amount of posts, you need it to be discovered.

Using hashtags will show your page in search results of Facebook when someone searches the same or similar word as your hashtag. This way people will come on your page and may end up liking it.

Respond and Engage:

Remember, getting likes on the Facebook page is a 2-way process. Sometimes you will have to give something to people in order to get from them. And by “giving” I mean interaction and attention. You need to interact with your followers.

When they comment on your page, reply to their comments so that when your visitors see that you respond to your follower’s comments, they will also start to follow your page as it will create a positive image in their minds.

Secondly, when someone messages you, reply to them as fast as possible. This way, people who are not following your page yet, will definitely like it as you gave attention to them.

Same will happen with people who have already liked your page. When you will respond to their messages in a swift manner, they may spread the positive side of your page among their circles and that may also bring a few likes.

Start a Blog:

This is also another great way of getting genuine and regular followers of your page. You can start a separate blog related to the niche of your Facebook Page and start posting on that blog. Then you can add a “Like” box on your blog connected to your Facebook page.

This way, people who will be visiting your blog outside of Facebook will get to know that you also own a Facebook page and they will then like it to get your updates directly on their Facebook wall. This is also beneficial in getting quality content on your Facebook Page.

Because if your blog posts are engaging and informative, you can share them on your Facebook page which will be seen by people on your page and they will like that post and people in their friend’s list will see that “action” and then they will like it, just as I mentioned above.

This chain will result in an increase in your Facebook likes.

Do Collaborations:

You can also promote your Facebook page on other pages. This is an effective approach to getting your page recognized and ultimately increasing its likes.

You can ask page owners of pages that are similar to your page’s niche to promote your page on their page and you will do the same for them.

And when they share your page, it will be introduced to a new audience which will be interested in the niche of your page.

Those people will then like your page to get updates from your page too. And in return, you can also promote that page which promoted yours. This is a good way of exchanging genuine likes.

Do Giveaways:

Another effective way to get Facebook likes. You must have seen some pages posting some picture and asking to comment on it and share it to get a chance to win something.

This is actually a very intelligent way to get people to comment and share your page which will be then shown in the newsfeeds of their friends. And ultimately, your page will be getting a promotion for virtually free.

But remember one thing, if you are promising to giveaway something then do give it to the one who wins it according to your set criteria.

This honesty will further increase the trust of your page’s followers and they will participate in such contest again.

Advertise, Advertise and Advertise:

The most beneficial and effective way in which one can get a boost of likes on Facebook is through promoting it with Facebook ads.

What you need to do is select a post which has the highest amount of engagement as people found it more engaging and interesting. Create an advertisement with that post, use an attractive, catchy and short caption (under 80 characters).

Select the audience which might be interested in your page’s niche. And then launch that ad. I assure you, you will start to get a good amount of likes as soon as it is up and running.

Final Words:

I hope you now know how to get likes on Facebook. And now you can also help your friends in understand how to get Facebook likes.

The aforementioned tips are a great way to get your Facebook likes and if you follow these tips with consistency, you will definitely start to see the difference.

Just follow them and get your page the recognition it deserves.

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