Discover The 8 Facebook Marketing Tips (You Need To Implement)

Facebook is a platform which is beneficial for both normal users and big or small businesses. The
platform has a lot of potential to showcase products and services of businesses to virtually the whole

And that is what makes it the number one platform for advertising. Just by advertising, people make
money on Facebook which is a great source of income for digital marketers.

Just because of these benefits, it is becoming more and more useful platform for both marketers and
businesses. Facebook has billions of users and marketing a product to those users will surely generate
sales and leads.

That’s why Facebook has become a top platform for marketers to showcase their skills and make money
on Facebook.

Besides Marketers, big and small businesses also make money on Facebook by launching ad campaigns
of their products. The ad campaigns then generate sales, hence more sales means more money.

So the gist of the matter is that Facebook is the epitome of best marketing platform which has a
plethora of features to target different types of audiences.

That’s why today I am going to shed some light on 8 Facebook Marketing Tips. These tips are beneficial
for businesses and marketers to increase brand awareness and generate leads and sales. So without
further ado, let’s dive in:

Create a Business Page, not a Profile:

This is the most fundamental and important thing to do if you are aiming for marketing of your business.
Some of the businesses create profile instead of a proper business page. And by doing that, they are
drastically limiting their chances of being discovered by potential clients.

Moreover, without a business page, you will not be able to create an ad campaign. Because for an ad
campaign, it is necessary to have a business page as it is launched from a page, not profile.

So make sure to create a Facebook page with the name of your business. As it will drastically increase
the chances of getting your business discovered and generate sales.

Moreover, creating a Facebook profile for purposes other than personal use is against Facebook’s terms.
So it is better to stay away from a personal profile if you are a business as it can get you in trouble.

Add an Attractive and Catchy Cover Photo

A cover photo represents the business as its “first look” as the name says “cover” photo. So just like a cover of a book showcases the first look at what you will find inside, your cover photo will do the same.

Select a cover photo which depicts your business at first glance. You can include some text in the cover photo which best describes your business or you can put a picture without text which gives away the nature of your business.

In short, whatever picture you put in the cover photo, make sure that it describes your business in the best way possible.

Moreover, select a landscape picture which perfectly fits the cover photo area or else the picture may get cropped or may appear blurry.

See the Facebook’s Cover Photo of its own page. They have summed up their business in one line in a cover photo.

Put a recognizable Profile Picture

The second picture which is very important for your business’s recognition is unequivocally the profile picture of your page. The profile picture is the main photo which will appear everywhere.

If someone shares one of your post on their wall, your profile picture will be also be shown in the post. Moreover, when you will launch an Ad Campaign, your profile picture will also be shown with the ad.

So make sure to put a picture which you want your potential clients to remember you by. If you have a logo for your business. Then it is best to put the logo of your business as the profile picture.

See, Facebook has put their logo on the profile picture of their own page:

Optimize your “About” Section

Your “About” section is the place which will tell people about the nature of your business, your objectives, services etc. And it is the first place where people will look when they open your business page.

Your about section will also appear at the right side of your page beneath the contact us button. There, it will appear in a form of short description and clicking on it will open up the about section where all the information about your business will be available.

Make sure to optimize the short description section of your about page. Write something which sums up your business or gives away the sense of your business to the reader. This is the only purpose of the short description.

Below is a short description section of a non-profit organization:

And when writing the whole about page, make sure to choose the words correctly when writing the about section and use correct grammar and spellings as it depicts professionalism.

Make sure to add some “Milestones”

Once you are done with the about section. Add milestones on your business page. Milestones are your achievement over the past few years.

Adding milestones will attract customers to contact you and ask about your product and services. Because milestones depict the success of a business and the more successful a business is, the more people will prefer it.

Moreover, a milestone will show people how credible your business is. And that’s why people will be more prone to trust your business as you have achieved success in past years and still working on achieving more.

So make sure you add milestones in the correct year order and with correct dates and timings.

Choose a Call to Action Button

A call to action button is always helpful in direction potential customers and encouraging them to take an action. You need to set up a call to action for your page which will appear beside the “Like” button.

You can select any call to action button from seven buttons which are pre-made by Facebook. These buttons include Shop now, Book now, Signup, Watch the video, Contact us, Use app and Play Game.

You can choose the call to action button as per your need. The process of creating a call to action is simple, just signup to your account, go to your business page and there, besides the like button, there will be a button named as “Create a call to action button.” Click on it and follow the instruction given there.

Start Advertising your Page/Products

Once your page is set up, you have done most of the work as your page will market itself to whoever comes on it. But, how will someone come on it if no one knows about it?

If your purpose is to increase your brand awareness, then create an Ad of your page by selecting “brand awareness” in ad campaign objective, and if your purpose is to increase sales then select conversions as your objective. We want to increase likes on our page so we will select brand awareness.

Then it will take you to targeting page. There, select the audience best suited for your page, let’s say if you have a coffee house, then target people based on their interest in coffee, select ages of the people who you usually see on your coffee shops.

Now comes the section of text and Image. Use the text which best describes the key factors and mostly the unique selling points and core competencies of your business. Do not fill the text column with unnecessary stuff. Make sure to check spelling and grammar.

Once done with the text, select an image for your ad which best describes your business. You can take a picture of the brick and mortar institute of your business and put it in the ad. Select the picture which is high quality and attractive. Moreover, the picture should fit in the area of the picture in the ad.

By doing these things, you will launch an add promoting your page.

Earn the badge of “Very Responsive”

Once you have set up your page and started advertising your products or page, you are ready to answer the questions of your customers. People who need to contact you will send your message to your business page.

And if you are responsive to messages, people will be encouraged to send you a message regarding their queries. So for this purpose, you need to tell people that you are responsive to the messages. And you can tell this to them by earning a very responsive badge.

You can easily earn the very responsive badge if you have a response rate of 90% and also a response time of 15 minutes in the last 7 days. This is very easy to do if you are persistent enough with your replies and answer people within 10 to 15 minutes.

This way your marketing tactics that you have done above to attract and acquire customers will pay off. Because once a potential customer contacts you, you will get a lead. And once you have a lead you have better chances of making a sale.

Final Words:

Once you follow these marketing tips. You will definitely start to see results in the form of either increase in likes or engagement or by increase in sales.

These 8 effective tips are best for all type of businesses and by following them you will have a business page and ad which will depict professionalism.

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