Advertising on Facebook and Instagram – Which one is better? (You’ll be surprised)

Some people say Instagram is better to advertise

Some people say Facebook is better to advertise 

Some people say both is as equal

Well, Today I’m going to talk about the comparison between the two

Check it out..

Advertising on social media enhances your reach to multiple folds.

This way you can reach to potential customers whom you would’ve not reached otherwise.

The incredible benefits that social media encompasses cannot be matched by advertising through other means.

Due to a large number of consumers on social media, it is very easy to advertise and sell your product online.

And with features like selecting people on the basis of their interests, income, behavior, demographics etc. social media is touching new heights.

But, in social media, there are different platforms which are playing tug of war to pull advertisers/marketers towards their advertising platform.

The prominent players of this tug of war are Facebook and Instagram.

Both are influential platforms for advertising.

And if you know how to make money using Facebook or how to make money from Instagram then you will definitely make plenty on both of these platforms.

Now if we talk about which platform is better in terms of advertising than it all comes down to personal preferences.

Because some may find Instagram better due to its highly interactive audience and some may find Facebook better due to its huge audience.

So as I said, in the end, it all comes down to personal preferences.

So today I am going to talk about advertising on both of these platforms and in the end, I will give a verdict about which platform I find more useful for advertising.

So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Advertising on Facebook:

Well, we all know how big audience Facebook has, virtually the whole world uses Facebook.

The amount of people who use Facebook on daily basis is about 1.37 Billion.

I mean, just WOW!

Imagine how easily you can find people who are interested in your product and target them conveniently through this giant platform.

This is the reason that most of the people prefer Facebook for advertising because of the huge audience.

And not only advertising but a number of people learned how to make money using Facebook and are earning a decent amount on daily basis.

You can also earn a handsome amount if you learn how to earn money using Facebook.

But to learn this, first you have to learn everything about Facebook advertising and you can do that by taking the FB Ad Essential course.

Once you are well aware of advertising on Facebook then you can learn how to make money using Facebook.

Well, coming back to the topic, Facebook advertising is indeed putting a positive impact on people’s business.

Companies ranging from Coca-Cola to small businesses, all advertise on Facebook and ultimately their sales increase.

If you want to advertise on Facebook too then you must follow these tips:

Some Facebook Advertising Tips:

Well, In order to advertise through Facebook, there are some things that you need to keep in mind while creating an ad.

If you want to know how to make money using Facebook, then you must know how to create an effective ad on Facebook.

So let’s take a look at some basics:

Set an Eye Catchy Image:

The image is everything and everything is Image.

Keep this line in mind as it is going to help you in finding a proper Image.

Do not use old blurry images as they might repel your customers.

Use some high-quality HD images to enhance your Ad’s overall look.

Keep in mind that the image must be relevant to your product or at least its niche.

You must have to use an image that is unique and people have not seen it before.

Meaning that you should not download an image from somewhere, use your own unique image.

Lastly, the image must not be bigger or smaller than the image area in the ad.

Because if it is big, then it may appear cropped or if it is small then it may appear pixelated and both of these situations are not good for your ad.

Target your audience precisely:

If you know how to earn money using Facebook then you would know how crucial it is to target smartly and precisely.

Targeting your audience is not a piece of cake.

It takes a lot of research and brain to target people who would be interested in your product.

But with the help of Social Interest Freak, you can target your audience more precisely than ever.

You can target audience based on their income, net worth, buying behaviour, location, age, occupation and the list goes on.

This way you will have 10x more impact on the audience than before as you will target them knowing their demographics, interests and behaviours.

Besides that, you must have to do posting on your business’s page and for that, you should use Viral Reach Pro, this tool will do posting on your page for you.

You will not have to worry about opening the page several times a day and clicking on the post button.

Moreover, it also increases the reach of your posts so that’s a plus.








I have selected the audience based on shoes, the audience is online shopper with interest in men’s shoes.

This is very basic targeting, Social Interest Freak does way more precise targeting then that.

Write cleverly:

Once you are done with the image, write the text of your ad carefully and cleverly.

A good ad encompasses 3 factors; the attention grabber, the phrase to add value and lastly a call to action.

You must have to include these three factors in your ad to make it perfect.

Moreover, write in a flawless English grammar and vocabulary and write as concise as you can because people don’t have much time to read the whole text.

Look at this ad, Starbucks has done a wonderful job here.

The ad has a relevant and high quality picture, and it has attention grabber which says “Join us for the world’s largest Starbucks date.”

They also have value phrase where they are telling people about their special flavors and lastly they have a call to action which says “learn more”

Do Split Testing:

Once you have created an Ad, create 2 more.

Use the text of first ad but a different image in the second ad.

And then use the image of the first ad but different text in the third Ad.

This way you will get to know which ad is getting more interactions with the audience.

Once you are certain about the ad that is gaining a lot of interactions, delete the other ads and keep working on that ad.

This will help you evaluate your campaign and making it more reachable.

If you know how to make money using Facebook then this technique will further increase your income from Facebook.

Advertising on Instagram:

If we talk about advertising on Instagram then it is not far behind than Facebook.

Instagram also has a lot of potential in terms of both reach and audience engagement.

Although the number of users active on Instagram is less than Facebook but it has a higher user engagement.

If you know how to make money from Instagram then you will also be aware that the advertising panel of Instagram is similar to Facebook.

But the tips and tricks are a bit different due to the algorithms of both platforms.

Instagram has a hashtag feature which is not present in Facebook’s Ads.

Now, if we talk about Instagram then it has 4 types of Ads i-e Photo, Video, Carousel and Marquee.

You can use any type of these 4 ads and build an amazing ad that will work like a charm in attracting your consumers.

But, as always, you must have to know some basics and some tips on creating best ads that influence people to go ahead and take action.

With Instagram, you can reach out to over 600 million people with a single ad.

The key benefit of posting ads on Instagram is that most of the brands advertise on Facebook so there is a chance that your competitor might not be using Instagram for marketing purposes.

So in this situation, you will have a monopoly over Instagram which is very beneficial for your advertising efforts.

Some tips on Advertising on Instagram:

For people who know how to make money from Instagram these below given tips will be very beneficial.

You can implement these methods in your advertising efforts and get good results.

So, let’s dive straight in shall we?

Target Precisely:

Instagram is relatively smaller than Facebook in terms of Audience.

So you need to find an audience which will be interested in your product.

You can do that by targeting your audience.

The ad setup platform for Instagram is same as Facebook’s platform.

So what you can do is target people based on their demographics, geographic, interests and behaviors.

For instance, if you are selling wallets in London, then you will select demographics as male, aged between 20 to 60 and language as English UK.

Then you will select location as England or London to be more precise.

Now comes interest.

Enter the keyword “Wallet” and I will get suggestions, now I will click on the suggested keywords which best describe my product and Voila, I am done!

If you know how to make money from Instagram then you know how crucial targeting is, in fact, it is the most important factor of advertising.

Don’t sound like an Ad:

This is the most important thing on Instagram.

As you all know that the method of interaction on Instagram is through Photos, you will have to select a high-quality photo which looks organic.

There should be no artificiality about it.

Or else people may skip past it as they may not find it interesting.

The key factor here is to select a photo which best depicts your product as well as does not seem like it is especially captured for advertising purposes, there should be a natural feel to it.

Once done, then comes the text for your ad.

Do not use a phrase like “we do this” or “we do that” or “you will get this” etc. Use phrases which tell a story about the image you have set up.

Your primary goal here is to make your ad look like a normal Instagram post so it blends with the different posts on the user’s wall.

As you can see this ad by Nikon is pretty straight forward with an image of a Moon which is random, nothing here is like a corporate ad.

Use Hashtags:

Always use Hashtags.

These little keywords perform an amazing job in increasing the reach of your advertisement.

Use the keywords which are relevant to your product.

You can either think of your own keywords or you can find relevant keywords from Instagram.

Go to the search bar of Instagram, open the tags tab and type something related to your product or the name of your product.

For instance, I sell wallets so I will type wallets and there will be a lot of relevant tags which are used by people for increasing their reach.

Take some tags from there and put them in your add.

Remember not to put too many tags as it may irritate the audience.

Just use 2 to 3 tags and that’s it.

Include one Call to Action:

Use only one call to action by either putting it in text or using the CTA (call to action) button.

You can select the CTA button from the advertisement panel.

There are a number of CTA buttons like learn more, shop now, sign up, book now, contact us etc.

You can select the button which best matches with your advertisement and that’s it.

These buttons will pursue the user to click on them which will be a success for you.

People who have knowledge of how to earn money from Instagram definitely use a call to action in their ads to make sure consumer clicks on the ad.

So always use a CTA either by text or by CTA button but I recommend using the button feature as it will be seen by the consumer before the text.

To learn about how to make money on Instagram – Click here


You now know about both of these platforms and their advertising methods I think it will be pretty clear for you regarding which platform to choose.

Because both platforms have their own uniqueness and advantages.

However, I personally like Facebook for advertisement because it has a massive audience and a huge number of people use it daily.

So I know people will definitely see and interact with the ads.

Besides it, some of the tools like Social Interest Freak and Viral Reach pro have made it easier to target and boost Facebook ads and that’s a big advantage of using Facebook for advertisements.

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