Advertising On Facebook And Twitter – (Which One Is Better)

If you’ve ever wondered:

How to make money using Facebook?”

Is Facebook a better platform to grow my business?”

Should I spend my time on Twitter and gain clients?”

“Will Facebook Ads give me a better ROI?” 

Is Twitter better to use than Facebook to capture leads?”

Carry on reading to find out..

Well, the world is evolving and so does the ways of reaching people.

It is not limited to television and print media anymore.

The new way of reaching people is now Social Media.

People use more social media and less TV or print media combined to get awareness regarding current issues.

This is the reason that more and more businesses are now taking the help of Social Media to promote their brand.

So, today we are going to talk about Twitter and Facebook pertaining to advertising.

Both platforms have a huge audience and both are influential platforms for advertisements.

And if you know How to make money using Facebook or how to make money on Twitter then you can make plenty of money on both by just advertising.

There are a lot of ways to reach the audience on both platforms including conversions, brand awareness, reach etc.

But there are some things which separate them from each other. For starters, their interface is completely different.

And if we talk about the ad campaign panel, then both have different panels.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram which have same ad campaign panels, Twitter’s is different.

There are some other things too which separate them from each other and make them unique.

The gist of the matter is that both platforms offer a great deal of audience reach but both are different.

We are going to see what it is like to place an advertisement on both and which one is better.

So without further ado, let’s dive in:

Advertising on Facebook:

Facebook is a platform where almost all businesses have advertised.

This is because of the number of users on Facebook.

If we talk about a daily basis, then Facebook has approx. 1.37 billion active users a day.

This makes it the number one social media platform in the world.

This is the reason that more and more people are coming to Facebook for advertising and they are definitely getting ROI (Return on Investment) through those ads.

If you know how to make money using Facebook then you would know what I am talking about.

If you don’t know how to make money using Facebook then take the FB Ads Essential course (Check out my review by clicking here) and start earning by advertising for others.

It is very simple to advertise on Facebook. Anyways, coming back to the topic, advertising on Facebook has a lot of benefits, and if we take a step back and look at what Facebook offers then we might find that it has a lot of potential for advertisers.

Below are some Factors regarding advertising on Facebook:

Huge Audience:

If you are familiar with the advertising system of Facebook or if you know how to make money using Facebook then you would know how massive Audience Facebook has.

Virtually everyone I see is on Facebook. It is literally dominating the whole world in terms of users.

According to a recent report, Facebook has an estimate of 2.07 billion Active users per month.

Now think how many people would be using it on daily basis.

This is the reason that Facebook has a greater audience than other social media platforms.

If you are thinking about advertising on Facebook, then you should definitely go for it as it has a lot of potentials to bring you customers and make conversions.

Check out the image of the general audience of just United States only.

Audience Targeting:

If we talk about audience targeting, then Facebook definitely has some great tools and databases which definitely aid in targeting precisely.

Facebook is like a stalker who knows most of the things about its users, I know it sounds creepy but it is useful for advertisers.

You can target people based on their relationship, devices, buying behaviour, interests etc.

These are the factors that allow the marketers to target as precisely as they can.

For instance, I sell tickets to holiday trips.

And if I want to target married people who are interested in weekend trips then I can exactly enter it in the advertising panel and it will target those people. See below:

See, I targeted married people for weekend trips and it has shown me potential reach which is huge.

This is what you get when advertising on Facebook, huge audience means massive reach.

Different Tools to Aid in Targeting and Reach:

It may sound new to you but there are some tools and software which aid in increasing the reach of your content and also in targeting precisely.

There is a tool named as Viral Reach Pro which helps in increasing the reach of the posts that you publish on your Facebook Page.

Moreover, you can schedule different content in Viral Reach Pro and it will post automatically at different intervals. No need to sit in front of the computer and post manually.

Similarly, there is a tool that I know of and is 100 percent legit, it is called as Social Interest Freak.

This is an incredible tool which helps in targeting people based on factors which are not present in Facebook’s default targeting system.

These factors include targeting based on wealth, occupation, school/college, net income, online purchases and the list goes on.

The possibilities of targeting are endless.

Below is the screenshot of Social Interest Freak’s targeting system:


Seeing the audience, reach and targeting of Facebook, it should be charging hundreds of dollars for advertising, Right?

But, you will be amazed to know that you can start an ad campaign for as low as $5.

I mean what else do you need?

You are getting the exposure, conversion or reach for as low as $5 a day.

I don’t think any other social media platform offers to advertise for as low as Facebook.

It’s simply amazing seeing what you are getting into this budget.

People who know how to make money using Facebook are earning a lot due to the cheap prices of Facebook.

They charge fairly high amount from their clients and place ads on Facebook which are cheap.

And the remaining amount goes in their pocket.

Advertising on Twitter:

The name which pops up after Facebook in terms of activities, especially from Celebrities, is indeed Twitter.

It has a huge amount of users who constantly tweet each and everything they do or encounter.

People who know how to make money on Twitter will know that it is a great platform for advertising.

Because it has a lot of benefits and relatively higher reach sometimes even higher than Facebook, but that depends on the type of Ad.

The main benefit that people have pertaining to advertise on twitter is of the competition.

Twitter has very low competition in terms of advertisement as businesses usually advertise on Facebook or Instagram.

This way you can influence more people, but beware, usually, users on Twitter do not like to see ads.

It is possible that you may annoy one of your loyal customers and lose him.

But it is just a hypothetical statement.

So if you are thinking about advertising on Twitter then I must tell you, you need to know all the ins and outs of Twitter before advertising on it.

If you know how to make money on Twitter then you may already be advertising on it, but if you are a new person, it is better to go learn about it first.

Anyways, below are some facts about Twitter that may help you in deciding whether to advertise or not:

Small Audience:

Although Twitter seems to be populated because most of the people I know are on Twitter but it is not as much populated as Facebook.

Twitter has an estimated 330 million active users per month which are relatively low then the users of Facebook.

This means that you may be able to cover more audience on Facebook than on Twitter.

According to a test, the amount of users in the United States who are interested in Coffee is way lesser than the number of users on Facebook.

Facebook has approx. 60,000 users who have an interest in coffee and twitter has below 10 million users.

Audience Targeting

Audience targeting is generally same as Facebook’s targeting with a few exceptions.

To be honest, Twitter has a simple targeting interface than Facebook.

But both have same factors for targeting like geographic, demographic, interest and behavior.

Both platforms target audience based on these key factors.

And this is great but it is limited to some extent.

Because there are other things beyond these 4 factors like income, wealth, favorites etc. which are available in tools that aid in Facebook’s targeting.

No Tools to Aid in the advertisement:

This is true, Unlike Facebook, Twitter has no tools that aid in targeting or increasing the reach of campaigns.

It is sad but true.

This is one of the reasons that marketers prefer Facebook for their marketing efforts.

Although Twitter is beneficial for those who do not want competition as it has very limited advertisers.

But the lack of tools which can help marketers in achieving optimal results is really a major drawback here.

People who know how to make money on Twitter know all these things but somehow they manage it and make a decent amount.

But people who have no idea regarding how to make money on Twitter should think many times before investing money in advertising through Twitter.

Because this platform has an uncertainty regarding what reach you might get and how much you may have to spend.


Seeing the aforementioned facts about both platforms, it is pretty clear that Facebook is the winner here.

Facebook has a huge audience, good reach, multiple tools like Viral Reach Pro and Social Interest Freak to aid in advertising.

Moreover, it is cheap to advertise on Facebook with just $5 a day.

This way people can definitely get a decent Return on Investment through Facebook.

Many people may like to advertise on Twitter maybe because of the nature of their business.

But, I prefer to advertise Facebook than Twitter.

And I would suggest you advertise on Facebook too.

If you are new to advertising on Facebook then take the FB Ads Essential course to understand and grasp each and everything about advertising on Facebook.

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