7 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement For Your Blog (Check Out #5)

You’ve just started blogging and now wondering how to get engagement

Your blog can get more engagement and traffic if you start to go beyond just SEO.

The most integral factor in enhancing any blog’s visitors is by promoting it on Social media.

But how to do that, is the question all bloggers ask.

Well, what if, you do not promote your blog on the social media and let your readers do it?


This way your reach will multiply and your social media engagement will also increase to multiple folds.

Social media is a very powerful platform if you want to promote your product. And figuratively, your blog is also a product of yours. So why not utilize social media platform to promote it and increase your audience.

This way you will be getting lots of visitors.

And if you know how to make money using Facebook then you probably have the idea of what more you can achieve with the power of social media.

So, today I am going to talk about how you can increase your blog’s social media engagement.

There are total 7 things which you are going to do and that will result in the increase in your blog’s social media engagement.

So I’m going to stop rambling on and dive straight in on the 7 ways to increase Social Media Engagement of your Blog:

1) Offer Quality Content

This is an integral factor in increasing social shares. Perhaps, the most important one. Because a quality content makes the overall quality of the blog. And ultimately, it defines the ability of your blog to make readers stay on it.

Put it this way, you are a blogger, but in order for its growth, you will have to be a marketer of your content too.

What a marketer does is that he first makes sure that the quality of the product is good.

Which means that you need to write the content in an easy to understand manner which has insightful content with high-quality. This way your readers will stay on your blog and will come again if they like the content.

We cannot put a finger on the importance of a quality content. Because if your blog does not possess high-quality content. Then it will not only lose your existing readers but it will also fail in making new readers stay let alone share your post.

So the gist of the matter is that before working on increasing the reach of your blog, you should work on improving the quality and readability of your content. And then, people will gladly share your blog posts.

2) Ask readers what they want to read

This is also very important factor in enhancing your social shares. You should always consider the opinions and suggestions of your readers because ultimately your blog is for them to read.

Moreover, finding trending topics and brainstorming for ideas can drain your potential to write sometimes. That is why it will be best if you take help from your audience and ask them what they want to read.

This way you will be saving your time and energy and your audience will also be happy that you consider their suggestions. So to be honest, it’s a win-win situation.

Encourage readers to comment their thoughts and ideas by writing phrases like “Tell me your thoughts, ideas and suggestions down below in comments” at the end of each post. And when they comment, reply to their comments accordingly, do not leave any comment go unanswered.

This way the readers will feel like their ideas and comments have importance and are valued by you. This will further encourage them to give suggestions and help you build the perfect content.

Create polls on your blog regarding what post lengths readers enjoy and ask about the different topics they want to see covered. These polls will help you take insights regarding what you should do to keep your readers happy. There are different polls widgets and plugins out there, one of the best is PollDaddy.

3) Take advantage of Video Content

Video Content has a major impact on increasing blogs overall quality and engagement. The common thinking of most bloggers is that they consider written content to be the only thing that a reader wants. This is where they are wrong and that’s why their blogs suffer some engagement issues.

It may have happened a decade back when the trend of video sharing was not on the rise. But, this era of blogging has now been revolutionized and video sharing has become an integral part of a quality blog post.

This doesn’t mean that you become a full-time YouTube Vlogger.

What I meant to say is that, take help from videos where they are needed.

When you write your content, you will know that there are some things which might be best explained if conveyed verbally through a video.

And that’s when you need to create one.

You can try a number of video sharing tactics ranging from webinars, interviews to tutorials. And it is not only happening in blogs.

People who know how to make money using Facebook are taking help of videos to launch their FB Ads.

This way they are able to capture more and more leads and make their Facebook Ad campaigns viral. So, the essence of the whole talk is that Videos definitely work better than written content and you should include them in your posts whenever you feel necessary.

4) Ask E-mail Subscribers to Share your Content

Another helpful way to increase social shares is to ask for shares. Don’t take it in literal meaning and start asking from every other person. But, ask your email subscribers to share your posts. This is because they are your loyal readers and they will not be reluctant in sharing your posts.

Besides, sometimes, asking for help from people around you can result in great things. Don’t hesitate to ask them. Reach them with a humble request to help you grow your blog.

The reason that I am recommending asking email subscribers is that if you ask everyone who visits your blog, then there will also be people who are new to your blog. And bombarding them with share request may not prove to be a pleasant experience for those new readers.

On the contrary, email subscribers are your loyal readers, they trust you, so asking from them will be an ideal way.

5) Make Social Media Sharing Easy:

This is one of the most important things you can do to ensure people can easily share content with just a click of a button. Because, sharing your content on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ etc. will eventually benefit you not them.

So making the sharing process as easy as possible will ensure that your readers can comfortably share your posts.

What you need to do here is that you should embed social media sharing buttons on your blog. This can be done with the help of any social media button widget, Google it, you will find plenty of them.

Once you embed the buttons in your blog, people will be able to see them.

Place them in a place where there are more chances of them being seen.

For instance, left side beside the starting lines of the post, or at the top of the post with its title or at the end with its conclusion.

These are the places where the reader is likely to see, and that’s how your reader will notice these buttons. And that may make him share your post.

6) Take help from The Outreach

This is simply one of the most effective strategies to build your social sharing. With the use of outreach, you can reach more and more audience. Consider it like the targeting of the audience in a precise way.

Because with outreach you are making an influential blogger related to your niche, share your post on his/her blog as a guest post. And once he/she does that, then it is likely that he/she will also share that post on his/her social media page.

This way, the new audience who is interested in your content but not aware of your blog will also become your audience and that will lead to more social shares.

You can either ask the influencing blogger to let you guest post one or two posts on their blog. Or, you can ask them to post one or two posts of theirs on your blog as a guest.

Both ways will harness the same result i-e building audience and ultimately increase in social shares.

7) Stay Active on Social Media:

This is where you need to do some things on your own. Aforementioned ways of increasing social shares are either done through widgets, asking, outreaching or writing quality content. But this is where you need to share your content on your own.

Create a Facebook Page, build an audience of that page, share your posts there and try to increase their reach. Learn to create FB Ads and then start targeting precisely to the audience who has interests, similar to your niche.

Moreover, if you learn to create Facebook Ads, then you may also learn how to make money using Facebook. Because then you can advertise for others and charge them. I mean, the process of growing social engagement on your blog will definitely grow your own skills too.

Besides Facebook, use Twitter to promote your blog, share your posts there with relevant hashtags.

Retweet old posts, follow people with same interests, and ask people who have same interests as your blog’s niche to follow you.

This way you can bring readers to your blog and some of them may also share your content.

Use the help of Google, join different groups which are related to your blog’s niche. Share your blog post there and ask them to read it and share it. These are all the ways through which you can increase the social engagement of your blog on your own.

Final Words:

By following the aforementioned 7 ways, you can definitely increase the social engagement of your blog. But you need to work through all of the mentioned ways to make sure your blog will have its own readers who would love to share your content.

The main thing is that you must write a quality content and add videos whenever necessary.

Moreover, you should do social sharing on your own too. Stay active on social media platforms like Facebook.

Share your posts on the Facebook page, learn to create ads and target a relevant audience.

Who knows, you may also learn how to make money using Facebook on the way.

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