4 Social Media Marketing Questions Every New Business Asks (Answered!)

There is no doubt about the power of social media marketing.

And if used correctly in the right way, can lead to much more conversions than the traditional means of marketing.

In other words, Social media marketing is the new secret to take a lead over your competitors.

This is why more and more businesses are utilizing the potential of social media marketing, and staying ahead of other businesses who are not benefiting from the gift of social media marketing.

Social media marketers make money on Facebook by just launching ad campaigns for business and the money they charge is A LOT!

This is because those digital marketers who make money on Facebook and the businesses who pay them, both know the power of this platform for social media marketing.

When new businesses are stepping into the world of social media marketing there can be some questions that they might have.

So, today I am going to answer top 4 frequently asked questions pertaining to social media marketing. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Can Social Media Marketing really help my Business?

Well, this question may seem stupid to those who are harnessing the power the of social media marketing.

But, those who are about to step into this world usually ask this question and it is intelligent for them to do so.

Because, if you are trying out a completely new thing and don’t know whether it will work or not. Then you must ask such questions.

So the short answer to their question is YES IT WILL DEFINITELY help your business. But those who want to know further details, then let me explain to you how it is helpful for your business.

First of all, your business needs more reach, your traditional marketing efforts can increase your audience reach up to some extent.

But with the use of social media marketing, you can enhance your business’s reach to multiple folds.

To be honest, the possibilities of reaching to new audiences with social media marketing are endless.

Secondly, we are living in the modern world and here, people first search for the credibility of the business and its products on internet before buying them.

If you have accounts and pages on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Google+ etc. And if you share specs, usage and benefits of your products, proof of your products quality, promotional offers, high-quality images of your products and testimonials of successful customers etc.

Then you have a better chance of acquiring those customers who find your business online.

Moreover, with your business being on social media, you can improve the customer care.

Customers will not have to go all the way to your store to ask questions or check out products.

They can contact you through Facebook or any other social media platform so you can answer all of their questions and queries in a fast and efficient way.

What are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing encompasses a whole new set of advantages for your business.

These perks of social media marketing would be left out if you only depend on traditional means of marketing.

Some of the primary benefits of using social media marketing are:

More Brand Recognition:

If you are promoting your brand on social media than it has more chances of being recognized.

For instance, when people are using Facebook, they usually read most of the posts on their wall, and if your brand’s ad appears on it, there is a high probability that they will read it too.

Once they have read about your brand they will remember it and when they will see it again and again through ads, your brand will take place in their mind.

And that’s how your brand or business can get more recognition.

Decreased Marketing Cost:

It is a fact that social media marketing can be much cheaper than the traditional means of marketing.

It has more potential of conversions that the traditional marketing methods.

If you are utilizing social media marketing then you can save thousands of dollars which you can put to other uses in order to further grow your business.

Because, unlike traditional marketing, you don’t need to hire people to go door to door.

Or you don’t need to spend thousands on Television industry to run your ad which is also created by spending thousands of dollars.

In social media marketing, it is just a simple ad highlighting key features of your product with only one call to action.

Get more and more leads:

As we know billions of people use social media and if only 0.01 percent of people who are interested in your product see its ad.

There is a high possibility that they will click on it.

Once they do this, they will be taken to your businesses landing page or website.

There, they will be asked to enter their email, name, contact no etc. if they are interested to know more.

Once they do that, you will have your leads.

This is a very influential way to get leads.

Because people who are surfing online won’t find it hard to enter their details in return for something which you will offer to them.

Increase in Sales:

If you are promoting your product through advertisement to an audience which is precisely targeted then you will definitely have more sales.

Digital marketers who make money on Facebook, know how impactful social media marketing can be.

Your product will be targeted to people based on their interests, demographics, geographic, behaviour and other key factors.

This type of precise targeting increases the probability of having a sale.

In short, your customers are not only reaching to you. You are also reaching to those customers who might be very much interested in your product.

How can a small business leverage social media?

Well, there are numbers of platforms which can be a great help in marketing and promotion of your brand or product.

Social media marketing is about getting the perfect platform according to your product and then advertising it by targeting related audience. For this purpose, the platform that I personally like is unequivocally Facebook.

Facebook is a platform which is used by people of all races, types, thinking, backgrounds and ages. So if you market your product through the advertisement campaigns of Facebook, there is a great chance that you will get recognition and sales more than ever.

Facebook has its own targeting system where you can target people based on their demographics, interests and behaviours. This way you will be able to penetrate into new marketing segments and directly towards the people who are your prospects.

Besides Facebook’s targeting system, some of the social media marketers who make money on Facebook, use tools which aid in more precise targeting and in increasing the reach of their ad campaigns.

This is the reason that Facebook is the best platform for small businesses to benefit from social media marketing.

Also, by using Facebook’s ad campaigns they can penetrate deeper into their target market and get optimal results.

Small businesses can leverage social media by launching different promotional ad campaigns.

They can start a giveaway promotion where they give different coupons and gifts to people who share their business page on their walls.

Small business can also start a contest in which they encourage people to invite more people to take part in the contest. And when someone wins, they can offer one of their product as a gift.

This way people will start to trust that business.

Do Facebook Ads Work?

This is the most asked question in the whole Social Media Marketing field yet. And the short answer is YES THEY DO!

However, there can be some factors which may affect your social media Ad campaign to make it not work. For instance, If you are new to FB ads and you have not taken any FB ads course, then your campaign will most likely to fail.


Questions you have to ask yourself is..

Do you how to set up a successful campaign?

Do you know how to target correctly and precisely?

Do you know about different techniques like split testing?

Do you know how to write effective and persuasive text in your ad?

Do you know which image will be suitable for the ad?

All of these above factors play an integral role in the success of a Facebook Ad and if you do not have any knowledge pertaining to them, then your Facebook Ads will definitely not work.

Now, if you hire a digital marketer who knows how to and when to invest in Facebook’s ads and make money on Facebook then you have more probability of a successful ad.

Your hired digital marketer will know who to target and how to target them.

Due to his professional experience and expertise, he will know what to say in an ad and what to show.

Due to such factors, your hired digital marketer will make sure that your Facebook ads work.

HOWEVER, are you willing to pay huge amount of money and hire a Digital Marketer?

Facebook Ads DO work, you just need some research, data and knowledge of Facebook ads to make them successful.

Final Words:

People repeatedly ask such questions because they are scared and confused regarding advertising on social media platforms.

I have answered these questions because I know their importance for a newbie in Social Media Marketing.

Now that you know the answers to these questions, it is the time that you TOO start utilising the power of social media marketing.

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