21 Ways You Can Make Money On Facebook (Check Out Number 5)

Facebook is becoming more and more populated with time.

And as it is getting filled with users, it is becoming more than just a platform for connecting people around the world.

With the help of Facebook, people are now making a living. And not just that, people are even offering courses on How to make money on Facebook.

The best part is that people are buying those courses and getting benefit from them.

With the change in time and trends, Facebook is changing too and to be honest, it is becoming more of an economy.

With the help of Facebook, people are earning a handsome living by just doing trades, selling, exchanges etc.

And the best part is that Facebook is not just limited to trades or selling, it has a variety of ways through which one can make money by just sitting in their homes.

How incredible is that, you can literally chill on your couch and make money from your laptop.

All that you need is just some marketing skills and you are good to go.

And that’s not it, with the passage of time, more and more means of earning through Facebook are being discovered and introduced.

Due to the generic marketplace of Facebook, everyone who possesses some skills can earn.

So today’s topic is not any different. Because today I am going to talk to you about How to make money on Facebook. And I am going to tell you 21 ways you can make money on Facebook with.

So that everyone who has a fire in the belly can get to earn from Facebook by sitting at home. That’s the beauty of Facebook. So without further ado, let’s dive in:

1. Promote your blog posts:

When you post something on your blog, you definitely need traffic on that post to earn money. Whether you have embedded affiliate links in it or you have monetized your blog, the bottom line is that you need traffic.

Now tell me what better way it is to promote your blog for free then posting it on Facebook? If you have a Facebook page or an account where your post gets a decent number of engagements then you can benefit from it.

Just take the link of your blog post, and post it on Facebook. You can post an attractive picture or write some catchy lines with the link. This way, whoever sees that link, may try to visit it, and that’s how you will get traffic on your blog. And ultimately you will make money from it.

2. Boost your popular Facebook posts:

The aforementioned way of earning is to post links to your blog post on your Facebook’s page or account. But what if you boost your post through the Facebook ad? This way you will be getting a lot of traffic to your site from around the Facebook and especially from an audience which is interested in reading your blog posts.

That way you can earn a decent amount of money if you have monetized your websites. But the question is, which post should be boosted? Well, the answer is simple, whichever post of yours gets more engagement, boost that one.

Why? Because people have found that post more interesting, and if you boost that post in an audience which is interested in the genre of that post then you will definitely get a massive traffic towards your blog.

And not only that, you may also secure some fans for your blog. People may become your regular readers and start to comment on your posts or maybe share them. This way you will get even more engagement and traffic.

3. Promote other websites to get paid per 1000 clicks:

With this strategy, you can make tons of money if your Facebook page has a decent audience and people interact with your posts. What you need to do is promote the content of other websites on your Facebook page by posting their images, links etc.

And when you will do so, people on your page will visit that link. Once you have generated 1000 visitors to that website, you will earn a decided amount for 1000 visits. Every website has their own rates for 1000 visits.

But let’s suppose you get 8 dollars per 1000 visits. Now imagine, if you send 10 thousand visitors per post, then you get 80 dollars by just promoting one post, you can make thousands of dollars per month. This is one of the easiest ways of earning on Facebook.

You don’t have to work on anything besides managing your page. The content will be provided by the website you are promoting, you just need to post their link and that’s all.

4. Generate Leads through Facebook:

Another amazing way to make money on Facebook. You can build an email list of leads and then either you can use that list to promote your own affiliate products.

Or you can sell that list to different people. But the real question is that how you can build your email list? Well, there are 3 popular ways that I know of and all of them are quite effective.

The first one is that you can create optin forms on your Facebook page. And people interested in what your page has to offer will put their emails on your created optin page. That’s how you will get their email.

Secondly, you can post the links to your blog or website where people will be asked to enter their emails in exchange for some offers that you will provide to them as an ethical bribe.

Thirdly, you can create landing pages and advertise those pages through Facebook ads. This is the most effective way of generating leads. Your ad will be seen by the people who are interested in the offer your landing page is giving to them and you will capture their email addresses.

5. Promote quizzes by attaching affiliate offer at end

You can also sell affiliate products by inviting people to play quizzes through Facebook and changing their mind about a product through quiz related to that product. And when they finish the quiz, they will find an affiliated link for a product which they saw in the quiz.

That way, there is a high possibility that they may buy that product. For instance, if there is a kitchen appliance that you want to sell as an affiliate. You can design a quiz pertaining to a kitchen appliances. And in that quiz, you can include that particular kitchen appliance that you want to sell.

You can portray that product as the best product among other products in that quiz. And by the end of that quiz, the person may buy that product and you will get your affiliate commission.

6. Operate Facebook Group or Participate in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are very powerful in making money on Facebook. You can contribute to a particular thing through Facebook groups in a meaningful way.

And when people will be benefited from your contribution then they will definitely investigate you. Once they come to know that you are selling a whole course or a solution to the problem that you contributed towards solving, they may buy that course from you.

For instance, IF you sale a course of SEO through Facebook and you notice that there is a post in a related group regarding a problem about SEO.

You can give a solution for that problem and when people, inspired by your answer, go to your profile, they will see that you sell a whole course about SEO. People may buy that course from you.

7. Promote your E-Commerce store’s niche products:

One of the best way to make money on Facebook is by promoting your e-commerce products on it. You can offer the products to the audience of Facebook in which they are highly interested. This way you will be able to increase your sale by just running an ad on Facebook.

The business model actually started through the sale of T-shirts and then expanded to more products. You can sell any product which is in demand on Facebook. The key element is that you find low-cost products on sites like Alibaba.com and then resell them through your e-commerce store.

For example, if you find a fishing product that is very cheap, you can put it on your e-commerce store with the addition of your profit. And then, you can run an ad of that product on Facebook targeting the audience having an interest in fishing. This way you can increase your sales and make plenty of money.

8. Run paid traffic to landing pages with affiliate links

This is a bit of arduous method of making money on Facebook because it requires a bit of testing. But once you are successful in creating a landing page which does conversions, you can earn a lot. Basically, you need to create an attractive landing page with an affiliate link to a product.

After that, you need to run an ad containing the link to that landing page. And if you target a right audience, you may get conversions which will result in your affiliate commission.

Firstly, you will need to do testing with a different type of ads to find out an ad which is getting a decent number of visits to your landing page.

Then you need to do testing with landing pages to create a landing page which results in conversions.

9. Pay other Facebook pages on CPM basis to promote your website

This strategy is basically the inverse of strategy number 3. In that strategy, you were getting paid to promote various other websites. But in this strategy, you will be paying other Facebook pages to promote your content.

You can offer a set amount of money per 1000 visits and make others promote your posts. This will result in organic traffic to your blog and that will make you money by monetization, affiliate etc.

You may even get permanent visitors through this method if your posts are engaging and informative. The only thing that you need to do here is to create a quality content that attracts customers to read completely so that they may come to your blog in future too.

10. Use your page for some links and opportunities

This one is more of a direct approach to making money on Facebook. What you need to do here is offer a free traffic to a reputable website from your page in exchange for a link to your website. Meaning that, you can do link building through your Facebook page.

You need to contact a website relevant to your niche and propose them about your offer of promoting their post through your Facebook page. And in return, they will put a link to one of your post on their website.

By doing this, you will be building links which are a promising way to increase the credibility of your website and traffic on it. And ultimately, by increasing traffic, you will be earning money.

11. Use your Facebook page to promote your new pages

You can use your existing Facebook age to promote your newly created pages. This is also a good way of earning through Facebook.

What you need to do is create Facebook pages of different niches that may be interesting for larger audiences. And then promote those pages through your existing Facebook page.

And those pages will also get their own audience, then you can promote relevant website’s posts on them and earn money.

12. Promote affiliate links of products directly on Facebook

Another direct but effective approach. Instead of offering people to buy from your affiliate link through indirect ways like blogging or landing pages, you can directly put your affiliate link out there through the Facebook ad.

You need to target that audience which you think might be interested in buying that product. For instance, if you sell product related to coffee, you can target audience based on keyword “coffee.” And coffee lovers will see your ad. This way they might buy your product.

13. Offer Facebook Consulting services

This is for people who have spent their fair share of time on Facebook and know different ways of how to make money on Facebook.

Such people can offer consultancy to other people who are learning how to make money on Facebook. You can run ads of your consultancy services where you will provide people with your expert advice on how to make an attractive ad or a landing page, how they can build an audience on their Facebook page etc.

This is a very useful way of earning through Facebook and you literally have to do nothing. Just run an ad and benefit your customers with your experience.

14. Create your own Facebook application

You must have seen different applications like “who has a crush on you” or “who is your best friend.” These applications earn a lot of money for their developers.

This way of earning is for people who know how to make applications meaning software developers. They can make applications on Facebook which are interesting and fun like candy crush, people play this game a lot and it is one of the most popular applications of Facebook.

Once you have created an application you can monetize it through different ad networks like Chitika, Bidvertiser etc. And when people will use your app, they will also see some ads, those ads will generate money for you.

15. Run Ads for Other Businesses

Another amazing way of earning through Facebook. If you have experience of running advertisements on Facebook. And you get good results on your ad campaigns, then you can become a Facebook marketer for other businesses.

There are a lot of businesses that need marketing on social media but don’t know how to run ad campaigns. That’s why they turn to experts who know how to run successful ad campaigns. And this way you can run ads for them and charge hundreds of dollars for them.

This is one of the best ways to earn money on Facebook and a lot of people are doing it. If you are good with Facebook ads, then this is the job you should do.

16. Find Freelancing Jobs

This is also a powerful way of making money from Facebook. There are different freelancing groups where daily jobs are updated. People who need different services like web design, graphics design, content writing etc. put posts in groups.

And you can message them to get the job. Thousands of freelancers are doing this and are cultivating good results. They join different groups and stay active for notifications from those groups. As soon as someone posts there, they immediately send them a message.

And after setting the terms, they start the job. If you have skills that you think people can benefit from, you can also find groups related to those skills and get the job when someone needs a service related to your skills.

17. Manage Facebook Pages for Others

Another easy and profitable way to make money on Facebook. All you need to do is manage someone else’s Facebook page and charge them money in return. By managing the Facebook page I mean that you will have to post on the page on their behalf and you will have to reply to the comments and messages.

Moreover, you will also have to work for the enhancement of the standard of their page. By doing these things you can easily charge hundreds of dollars from people.

This service of page managers is used by people who need a Facebook page to get discovered by their potential customers but don’t have to time to manage it by themselves. By managing their page for them, you will be saving their time and earning money as well.

18. Enter Contests and Giveaways:

Although this is not a way to earn a robust stream of income from Facebook it is a good way to score some money for your expenses.

What you need to do is join different groups and pages which are promoting themselves by holding contests and giveaways on Facebook.

Usually, such contests or giveaways require you to share their posts or comment on them. Doing so won’t hurt you, and if you are lucky enough, you may win something.

19. Create a Facebook application for others

Another incredible way to earn money on Facebook. But it is limited to people who are software developers. You can create Facebook applications for people who don’t have skills in software developing.

And in exchange, you can charge hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars depending upon the type of application.

It is a very promising way of earning money on Facebook and a number of software developers are doing so.

20. Sell Facebook Fan Pages

This is one of the most popular ways of making money on Facebook. You can do 2 things here. Either you can create a Facebook page around a specific niche, build an audience and sell it for hundreds of dollars.

Or, you can buy a Facebook page for a low price and sell it to another person with the addition of your profit. Both are legitimate ways of earning through Facebook and many people are making money through them.

You just need some knowledge of building a Facebook page or where to get cheap Facebook pages and you are good to go.

21. Direct Sales through Facebook:

This is for people who have their own businesses. If you are selling something and want to expand your business and increase your sell then you must take help from Facebook.

What you need to do is create a Facebook page for your business, start posting on it and building an audience. Then, after you have a decent audience, you can start posting about your products and also start running Facebook ad campaigns through that page.

This way people who will be interested in your product will contact you through the message and you can sell them the product. An amazing way to increase your sales and brand awareness.

Over to You:

Now that you know how to make money on Facebook, it will be easy for you to research on your own and start earning.

These 21 ways of how to make money on Facebook are widely used by people from around the world. If you work on even 3 to 5 ways among these 21, you will start to generate a decent income on monthly basis.

You just need a positive mindset and a determination. Because at the start it will be a bit difficult for you. But if you stay determined, you will definitely start generating a decent amount of income.


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