15 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Engagement

The worldwide spread social media network and the number one social media site Facebook is indeed a good way for brands to get engagement from their customers.

But, what if you are not getting enough engagement?

If that’s the case then your customers may forget about your brand and recognize some other brand.

If this happens, your brand will lose a lot of customers and that will not be good for your business.

You need to keep your customers entertained and engaged so that your brand name takes a place in their minds.

See 9gag.com they constantly entertain their followers and this the reason that the whole world knows about 9gag.

You need to do things which also make your customers remember you. Because if you are going to keep them engaged, then definitely your brand will make its place in their minds. And when they will think of buying something that your brand also offers, they may remember your brand and buy that thing from you.

This is the marketing strategy that you need and it is called as “Positioning.” And you need to position your product in their minds so that they buy from you every time they need something that your brand also offers.

Social media is the best way to do that.

Because you can reach the audience from all around the world on social media.

So that’s why engaging your customers and potential customers, is your need and you need to do some things to engage them effectively.

There are a number of people who know how to make money on Facebook.

And they earn money with Facebook by increasing the engagement of brands with their customers.

So today, I am going to tell you 15 ways to increase your Facebook engagement.

So that you may not need to hire a person who earns money with Facebook and may charge hundreds of dollars from you.

Okay so let’s get started:

Tie your posts to current happenings:

It is always helpful to post something that relates to the current or upcoming event.

People tend to give more response to updates which provide them something which is related to current events.

It is not necessary to tie every post to an upcoming event.

But, when you notice a hype about a current or upcoming event, you can tie those events to your posts.

For instance, if you have a business of soft drinks, and Thanksgiving is close.

You can post something like “Double the taste of your turkey with our xyz soft drinks” or something like that.

Such posts get extra engagement due to the excitement of events attached to them.

See the below-given post. This post is tied to the daily routine of the office where bosses are tough.

Try to use Photos:

Visuals always get more attraction. Haven’t you heard that including images in your presentation makes it interesting? In this case it is not any different either.

According to the data which was published by AMEX Open Forum; Facebook posts with images receive 39 percent or higher engagement than any other type of simple posts.

You can get photos from different websites which offer non-copyrighted photos like Flicker. Or, you can capture your own photos.

The gist of the matter is that you should include attractive photos in your posts as much as possible.

Keep your updates as short as possible:

This is another reveal from the same AMEX Open Forum. According to their infographic, posts which have 100 characters or fewer seems to get more engagement.

People are on Facebook to enjoy their leisure time, nobody has the time to read those boring essays. So do your business a favour and keep your posts as concise as possible.

See, this post by futurism has only 25 characters.

Run caption contests every now and then:

A successful marketing campaign also involves the bridging of the gap between your followers and your brand.

You need to do it in a very clever way which may seem like it’s not about your business but your followers.

A good way to do so is to run caption contests.

You need to make your followers feel like they should comment on your post and that can be done with the caption contest. It is easy and intriguing. You just need to post an interesting or a funny picture and then ask your followers to caption that picture.

You can also attach some prize to that picture. You can offer something from your own business to the follower with the best caption. This way, your followers will start to caption that picture and your engagement level will definitely go up.

Ask random questions:

You need to make it seem like that your page is not all about your brand but, it is a place where people can have fun. A good way to do so is to ask some random questions every now and then.

Ask questions that are not related to your business in any way but are fun to answer.

For instance, you can ask a question like

“If you get any superpower what it would be?”


“Can you solve the riddle?”

Something like that which makes people think about interesting stuff. This is a tried and tested a way to give a nice little boost to your engagement levels.

Avoid URL shorteners

This is a researched fact that URL shorteners decrease the engagements on the post carrying a shorten URL generated by URL shorteners like bit.ly.

This is because people usually use Facebook from their mobile phones and like to know where a particular URL is taking them.

But you cannot know about that with a shortened URL as it hides the address of the link. However, full-length links contribute to increase in engagement.

Remember that a link does not count as the part of the written content of the post, so it won’t make your post look like an essay.

Keep timing in mind:

The timing of posting is an integral factor. You cannot post just randomly and hope for people to comment or share that post. People have their own lives and it is important for you to understand the timing of your audience.

At first, post at several different intervals and notice which time you get more interaction with your posts. Note those times and post on those times.

Secondly, you can follow the schedule given by Social Media Examiner. According to them, these are the timings when Facebook users are most active:

  • 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm is the best time to post on And 3:00 pm on Wednesday is the best time among all times.
  • The rates of Facebook engagement tends to be higher on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Posts which are shared on Saturday and Sunday get most “Likes.”
  • Links which are posted outside of 8:00 am to 8:00 pm window may not get many

Know the lifespan of your posts:

By lifespan of your post, I mean the amount of time your post remains one your follower’s timeline. Typically the average time is around 3 hours.

If you post more frequently and do not wait for the lifespan of posts to end, you may face the risk of annoying your followers.

And this can lead to the decrease in both engagements and followers. So try to give a gap of 3 hours before posting another update.

Post Quotes:

People love some inspirational YOLO style quotes. Don’t make your page just about business and fun. Also, add some motivational touch to it.

Sharing quotes can drastically increase the shares and comments. And thus your page’s engagement will also increase.

Ask yourself before posting “Would I share this post?”

Common sense is the most fundamental factor in keeping or increasing your engagement. Whenever you are posting something random or you are not sure about that post, ask yourself this question “If I see the same post, would I share it?”

You will get the answer to what you should do. Because absurd and irrational posts may make your followers feel disappoint in you and that will lead to less engagement.

Try to ask this question before every post that you are not sure about to increase your engagement.

Respond Quickly:

Always remember that Facebook engagement is not just about posting fun stuff. You also need to interact with your followers to make them feel valued.

If a follower comments on your post, reply to that comment as soon as possible. This will make them feel valued and they may comment on your updates again. And that will result in more engagement.

Be consistent with your posting schedule:

You need your followers to get used to your posts without making them feel annoyed with your constant posts.

When you make a schedule of posting, stick with that schedule. You don’t want to post out of that schedule because you need to make your followers used to see your posts.

If you cannot keep up with a constant posting schedule, then you can use a tool like Viral Reach Pro to set a schedule. And that tool will post on your behalf.

And your scheduled posts will definitely increase engagement.

Add Call to Actions:

Call to actions are a great way to increase engagements. By encouraging your followers to comment, share or go to your link, you will psychologically make them do so.

And that may make most of the people comment on or share your post. You can add sentences like “Click to find out.” Or “Share this to let your friends know about….”

But keep in mind, you should not do this for all of your posts. It can irritate your followers. Use call to actions on special posts or on advertisements. Check out their call to action “Click to find out.”

Use Facebook Advertising:

Definitely an incredible way to not only increase the engagement but to boost it. Although it will cost you some money but will definitely increase your followers and boost your engagement.

You can use the objective function of your ad as “Brand Awareness” or “Reach” to increase followers or engagement respectively.

Use an attractive picture, a call to action and a compelling text to make people notice your ad.

Behave like a normal person, not a brand:

Always keep in mind that your Facebook updates need a personal touch. You followers don’t want you to constantly bug them with news and sales pitches.

Try to find a balance between business posts and personal posts. Post such updates which engage your followers. Try to post both business and personal fun posts at different intervals and look at the statistics.

You will know how much posts of business should be posted and how much personal you should get with your followers.

Final Words:

People who know how to make money with Facebook know how important it is to follow the aforementioned ways of engagement.

This is the reason that they earn money with Facebook as their engagement is higher and that’s why they charge good amount from other brands who want to promote their business through their page.

Now that you know tips to increase your Facebook engagement. All you need to do is follow these 15 tips and you will start to see results.


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