10 Ways To Strategize Facebook Ads

“How to make money posting ads on Facebook” is something like Pandora’s Box.

When you see someone else doing it wrong, you just start having an explosion of remedial tips and trick for that poor soul.

But, when the bounden duty comes to your shoulder, you wonder how your bosom friend managed to perform it with that level of expertise!

Why Facebook Advertising Is So Popular?

Basically, Facebook has consistently been the top priority for marketers and still increasing by leaps and bounds.

Now, WHY?

There are two principal aspirations behind it.

  1. Mammoth number of users and
  2. Scope of customization

Facebook has recently disclosed their advertising revenue of $9.16 billion only in the second quarter of 2017 itself.

Facebook alone lets you rich 2.07 billion monthly active users with incredibly facilitating targeting features. You can target your customers with as generalized categories as demographics, age, gender and work it up to as painstaking as marital status, pages liked job type, particular gadget users, and even recent purchases.

What do you exactly need to Kickstart?

Now, you must be thinking, if “How to make money posting ads on Facebook” had been so easy to answer, then… was your ex indeed wise to call you half-witted? No, she wasn’t; at least in this regard.

Having all the ingredients at hand and catering a mouth-watering dish out of it renders the same relationship mutually that of having all the Facebook marketing strategies penned down and using those with correct strategies.

At present, a marketing strategic tool can help you to a great extent to bring your business to the correct track. While Viral Reach Pro tops the list, there are many more Facebook marketing tools are available in the market.

Now, let’s have a quick glance at that will help you to make abundant revenue as easily as falling off a log.

  1. Choosing the correct marketing objective:

Probably, every person you’ve asked How to make money posting ads on Facebook, has advised you to choose the targeted marketing objective at first.

Some marketers want to use their profile for increasing traffic to the site, some other want their offers to be spread to maximum potential buyers while most of the event based marketers simply want to increase likes and comments to their profile in order to maximize the popularity.

In Facebook Marketing, the influence of your Facebook ad campaign strictly depends on the way you’re opting for reaching people out.

Facebook itself helps you to set objective on the basis of your primary details.

  1. Right Offers to the Right Audience:

Ever tried to bribe your mom with some high-school accessories?

Come on; not-so-stupid, right? Then you must know that buyers don’t want a Santa costume on 80% sale which is going to be delivered on 28th!

Yes, an appropriate offer is as important as a lucrative offer. Appropriate offer is a collection of the right targeted audience, right sets of products, appropriate timing as well as bona fide approach.

  1. Actual Sale and Conversion Rate Varies from page Traffic:

Yeah; undoubtedly, more traffic means more engagement to your site and that leads to reaching many more people out there as well. But, while Facebook marketing, a good amount of traffic with a low conversion rate will not lend you a hand.

IF many people are viewing your page, sharing it and liking it but still a very less percentage of them are actually ending up buying your product, then the advertisement content; targeted audience or the landing page SURELY needs a revision.

  1. 4. Make layers of it:

To catch the maximum number of audiences, you must cater the advertisement in a compact and versatile attire. The change is needed to be brought to every layer of your Facebook Marketing Campaign. Let’s divide it into 3 corners:

  • Audience

So, said enough before, a narrowly targeted audience is those who have been sorted out through age, gender, territory, personal interest, gadgets used, pages liked, recent buying, recent surfing, marital status, educational level, interest groups and many, many more.

Keep in mind, a single unfiltered audience means a lump sum wasted for him.

  • Presentation

A video with only a monologue, an audio with one track delivery or some random slide shows is as disturbing it is to you and me, as they are to the audiences. The script should distinctly be layered with headlines, fonts and hyperlinks. Experiments with value proposition are always welcome in Facebook Marketing.

Always try to make your advertisement in an audio-visual mode with implicit persistence. Of course, you’ll not purchase something from the sea-side vendor who frantically tries to sell his products to you!

  • Landing page

Scrutinizing several Facebook ad campaign stories, every time a bulk number of audiences are found clicking on the ads and even being redirected to the home site, they didn’t end up purchasing the product.

Yes, this time, the culpability lies to the landing page.

A complex and slow-loading website is the biggest turn off for the busy citizen. This is the market of abundance and buyers won’t really think twice to check out your rival website for the same product.

  1. ‘Trial and error’ works the best here:

While dealing with real-life customers and their demand, 2 plus 2 would not always bring you a 4.  You’re not supposed to get the pulse of each and every targeted audience at the very first time.

Making money through Facebook advertisement is always a slow yet constant process.

Thus, we always recommend you to invest as minimal money as possible on each ad and keep switching those which are not receiving that much overwhelming response.

If still confused, I would personally take the expert assistance from Viral Reach Pro though!

  1. Video Speaks the Loudest

Among All the other Facebook marketing formats, people at an average, spend more than 100 million hours on video advertising EVERYDAY; Needless to say, leaving all the other advertising formats way behind.

Yes, it’s as insane as it sounds.

Now, instead of producing some generic video sheep following your competitors, here are some tips and tricks that can help you stand out:

  • A generic video does not work for all. Instead, try to catch the exact phase of research they are at and cater to them accordingly.
  • No one has all day to watch your content. Conveying your feature-rich and engaging content with the minimum time-frame possible is the real challenge.
  • The title description is the first and most crucial thing buyers see. Keep it short, simple yet witty.
  • The CTA or call to action should be straight to the audience about your objective and what action you want them to take.
  • The hyperlink to your website should be distinct and perceptible. People won’t love to search for a magnifying glass, after all.
  1. You Should Keep a Strict Eye on Remarketing:

Every prospective buyer does not have the exact same potentiality of buying the same product. People, who have already seen your products and added them at the cart as well, have way more possibility of buying your products than viewers who have just visited your website for once and that too, a couple of months back.

Again, the latter can be a better marketing target in comparison with someone who has never shown any interest in the kind of product ranges you offer.

So basically what I’m trying to rant is, you must arrange your targeted audiences in ascending orders of possibility and determine the number of repetitions for each kind of users.

Also, a well-done Remarketing can really show results on your conversion rate.

Trust me, it DOES!

  1. Questions and case studies work the best for long videos!

If two websites are offering the same product at the same price, you’ll definitely go for the one that’s offering the sizing help along with.

Likewise, a tedious Facebook marketing advertisement won’t be always at the summit of your success in making money through Facebook ads.

Research says the initial 5 seconds are the most crucial time-frame where viewers are most likely to leave. I’ll suggest you to start your ad campaign and the video content both with some relevant FAQs or some real-life case studies. That’ll unequivocally increase viewers’ curiosity and just when they want to go deeper with the subject, redirect to your landing page!

  1. Blogging and redirecting romps to victory

Ads of some never-ending slide-shows with price and buying options have tasted all of our patients at some point.

People always keep interest on things that are implicitly eulogized to them in a sophisticated way and the best way to do it is via blogging.

First, with blogging, you can showcase a bunch of similarly categorized products in one go.

Secondly, instead of redirecting to a single category or product, you can hyperlink anything within a blog. It can be a category, any products, another blog, or even other sites. Quite versatile, isn’t it?

Now, here are few quick tips for a successful blogging:

  • The key line of your Facebook advertisement that hyperlinks your blog should be short, pointed and mysterious. A relevant question, controversial statement or a debatable punch line are few that come to my mind at the initial go.
  • Your blog title and advertising punch line both should preferably contain specified numbers, places or objectives.

“Things to do while travelling”


“20 things to do while travelling to hill stations with your friends”

Need the link to the 2nd one, don’t you?

  1. Special discounts are worth a try!

Discount advertisements on Facebook are a pretty common thing nowadays. But, it somehow does not manage to get that much conversion rate as before. There’ some plausible reasons behind it that the Facebook marketers need to know right now!

Whenever we click on a discounted webpage, we browse first few things off the page; browse few more if we really like the offer; get the point the marketer has tried to offer and click on the cute red cross at the top-right corner.

You do; you DO, right? Yeah, we all do.

Instead, from next time onwards, try only to put some specified products under discount at one time and try other sets of products for the next time and keep flipping like this.

Here’s a secret tip from my firsthand experience in Facebook marketing. Try to discount all the products at such a percentage where all the products are more or less equally priced.

Let’s have an example. If you’re surfing three tops at $9, $16 and $20, your brain is bound to fantasies you in the $9 top. This way, the website will end up the sale with the out-of-stock-$9-top and very less sell for the rest two.

Instead, if they would discount the price of all three around $15, they could have increased the retailing of other two tops as well.

Also, try to offer short-term or flash sales instead of a week-long offer. People always tend to grab something that seems to be at meagerness.

The above tips and tricks are no mathematical equation of making money through Facebook advertisement. These marketing strategies only along with your intuition and proper management tools like Viral Reach Pro can have the last laugh!

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